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How to Get Started

The Applied Learning Center is your resource for finding an internship and getting internship credit.  We offer an orientation that will discuss ways to gain experience related to your career goals, suggestions for finding and applying for an internship, instruction on the use of the MSU Denver Career Link database, and information on internship policies at MSU Denver.

1.  Call 303 615-1333 to sign up for an orientation.  If you already have an internship site located advise us when you call.

2.  Watch the Resume Video to make sure you have a great resume!

3.  Use Career Link as one tool for finding an internship site.  Log in using your standard student hub credentials. 

4.  Make a follow-up appointment with your Internship Coordinator if

  • You have a unique circumstance that you would like to discuss with someone
  • You want extra resume help
  • You find an internship and need to start the process to register for academic credit


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