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Guidelines and Agreements

Our goal is to ensure that your internship is a great learning experience and that you represent yourself and MSU Denver in the best possible way.   These guidelines are a way for us to communicate policies that will enhance your internship. 

Applying for Internships: 

  • The Applied Learning Center offers a required orientation and optional resume review. The goal is to give you the best possible preparation for a successful internship search.
  • Once you have completed an orientation, you are welcome to use our internship database, TIP Online. Before applying for an internship, please be sure that you meet the required qualifications for the internship.  If the internship is unpaid, you must also meet your academic department qualifications for academic credit.
  • When employers call you for interviews, it is vitally important that you return calls from employers, even if you have decided not to pursue that position.
  • Some employers do not want their contact information distributed to students. Please don’t give contact information to your friends.  Refer your friends to us.
  • You are required to get internship credit for unpaid internships. Standard tuition and fees apply.
  • Let your coordinator know when you have accepted an internship even if you don’t need credit.

During Your Internship: 

  • Please remember that internships are professional work experiences. Dress and behave according to the standards of other professionals in your workplace.  Remember that employers are not on an academic schedule so you may be working during school breaks or finals.
  • Please stay in contact with your internship coordinator. If there are concerns or issues we will work with you to resolve those issues.  
  • Do not resign from your internship without talking with your internship coordinator. If you are getting credit, remember that your grade is at stake.  If it appears that you may be terminated from your internship, your coordinator needs to be in the loop on whatever is happening.
  • Our goal is to ensure that you are having a good learning experience and meeting your employer’s expectations. You should be available for a visit to your work site by your coordinator or a phone call to discuss your progress.  There will also be a required end-of-the-semester evaluation.

Cannabis Internships:

To ensure compliance with federal law, MSU Denver drug and alcohol policy and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, the Classroom to Career Hub at MSU Denver will not post positions or support internship credit that involves direct contact with any federally illicit drug, included cannabis. 

We recognize that, in Colorado, there are many businesses that provide ancillary support to the cannabis industry.  Such businesses may include, but are not limited to real estate leasing businesses, consumption device and consulting businesses, and marketing and public relations firms.  In some cases, these organizations can offer excellent employment opportunities.  Therefore, we will support campus recruitment and academic credit for these opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

A student who accepts a position in an industry that is not legal federally, should be aware that he/she is taking some risk and should give some thought to assessing that risk.  Your work history will follow you forever.  

  • Potential future employers that are based in other states may screen you out of consideration for other jobs.
  • It may be harder to pass background checks for federal contractors or the defense industry.
  • Although there are many legitimate businesses related to cannabis, there is still the perception and possible reality that some of these organizations are engaging in other illegal activity.
  • Although the risk seems low right now, it is still possible that the federal government could decide to enforce federal law, jeopardizing your federal financial aid.
  • Students whose immigration status is not secure, may be at even higher risk and should give extra consideration to these issues.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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