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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a paid internship for credit?

While you must take credit for an unpaid internship, credit is usually optional for a paid internship. However different departments have different policies. For more information about credit, contact your coordinator.

Why must I take credit for an unpaid internship?

Credit ensures that the internship will offer significant learning opportunities related to your major or minor and that it is not just a source of free labor for the employer. Additionally, registration for credit covers you for Worker's Compensation and Limited Liability (only within Colorado). Working as an unpaid intern without credit registration puts both you and your employer at risk.

How many hours do I have to work for each credit hour?

Departments differ in their requirements for credit. In general, about 45-50 hours at the internship site may earn you one credit. An employer may, however, request more hours of you to complete the internship than the number of hours required for the credit. Please discuss your hours and the length of time you will spend at the internship with your employer during the interview to make sure that there are no misunderstanding between you and your internship supervisor.

How long will it take to see my coordinator?

If you drop by our office your coordinator may not be available to see you immediately. Our front desk staff will make an appointment for you for the earliest possible date. If your matter is urgent, phone our office and leave a message for your coordinator. The coordinator will try to return your call within the next 24 hours.

How long does it take to find an internship?

The primary factors affecting your success in securing an internship are the number of positions available, the competition for those positions, and the strength of your resume and interview. Some students find an internship within weeks. For others, it may take months. We cannot guarantee you an internship. If you have been unsuccessful in getting an internship, we suggest you meet with your coordinator to discuss the possible reasons. We want you to be successful and will try to help you any way we can.

Why can I not see employer contact information when I apply for a position through TIP Online?

In most cases, employers prefer to minimize the number of contacts to their busy offices so we don't provide their contact information. They will evaluate the resumes objectively and contact those students they deem to be suitable for their position. 

What do I do when I get an internship?

You should contact your internship coordinator immediately. He or she can then help you work through the academic paperwork to get credit or transcript notation.

Can I do more than one internship at a time?

This may be possible, if your department allows it. We don't necessarily recommend this, as your school work and internship duties may suffer if you stretch yourself too thin.

Can I get a position just before graduating?

You may be referred to paid positions up until 45 days into your last semester. You may be referred to unpaid positions at any time during your last semester, as long as there is time to complete the required hours and register for credit.

If I find a better job, can I quit?

If you quit an internship before the end of the internship, you must discuss it with your coordinator before quitting. If you are getting credit, this may affect your grade.  You must also give your employer adequate notice of your intention to resign (two weeks is standard). If you do not follow these guidelines, the internship office may not refer you to other positions. It is in your best interest to behave in a professional manner with your employer, as you are trying to build a good reputation in your profession.

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