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Credit Information/Report an Internship

Most MSU Denver students can get academic credit for internships; however, policies and procedures vary by department. To find out policies for your major, call 303 615-1333 or click here to ask a question.

All unpaid internships MUST be done for academic credit.  This allows the university to cover you for worker's compensation and liability insurance. Credit is optional for paid internships.

Do not register for internship credit without speaking with an Internship Coordinator or the appropriate faculty in your department.

If you already have an internship and you need academic credit:

  1. Call 303 615-1333 and make an appointment with an internship coordinator for your major. 
  2. Please be prepared to provide the information in the Report an Internship form or bring the completed form with you.
  3. Be aware that many departments have eligibility requirements for credit.  These requiments will vary depending upon your major, but most departments require that you are at least a sophomore, have been at MSU Denver for one full semester, and have a 2.5 MSU Denver GPA.  
  4. Be sure to contact us before you start the internship.  Getting credit for something that you did in a prior semester is not possible through the Internship Program.

Internship credit shows up on your transcript and in your GPA just like any other credit. Tuition, fees, and financial aid do not distinguish between internship credit and traditional classroom credit.

Transcript Notation for Non-Credit Internships

Transcript Notations offer students an opportunity to have non-credit internships reflected on their university transcripts and and allows the internship to be verified in the event the internship employer can no longer be reached. These notations may be useful if an internship does not qualify for credit or if students elect not to do the internship for credit due to academic requirements or additional tuition costs.

Contact the Applied Learning Center at 303 615-1333 or email your internship coordinator to advise us of your internship and our office will take care of the rest. 

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