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Benefits of an Internship

As an internship student, you may:

  • Gain skills in your chosen career field

  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences.

  • Enhance your resume and improve your opportunities for good jobs after graduation.

  • Discover the variety of career opportunities in your field.

  • Receive college credit toward graduation requirements (some departments only).

  • Earn money for school tuition and expenses.  If you qualify for work study funds, some internship employers can use those funds to pay you.

  • Increase participation in classroom discussions and improve your grades.

  • Work on programs and with equipment not available on the college campus.

  • Learn to interact professionally with peers.

  • Establish contacts and begin networking for future employment.

  • Develop references for future employment or graduate school application.

  • Have the opportunity to form decisions about job compatibility.

  • Learn job-seeking skills, such as resume writing, letter writing, interviewing and interview follow-up.

  • Develop a greater degree of confidence upon entering a job situation.

  • Begin at a higher level of responsibility in your first position.

  • Potentially begin your career at a higher salary.

Our data indicate that approximately 1/3 of all MSU Denver internships turn into permanent job offers upon graduation!

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