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Our Responsibilities

The following outlines the responsibilities of the Internship Program throughout the internship process.

  • Internship Development.  The Internship Program provides primary internship development for some departmental internship programs and supplementary services for others. Coordinators also do individualized internship development for students with special needs and interests.
  • Student Recruitment. Recruits students for placements.
  • Student Referrals and Placements. Sends student resumes and other credentials to employers, helps students write resumes and cover letters, arranges interviews and helps students prepare for these interviews.
  • Academic Credit.  Administers the learning agreement process through an electronic Application for Academic Credit form.
  • Site Visits.  Arranges on-site visits and aid in mediating problems on the internship.
  • Evaluation.  Mails evaluation forms to students and supervisors and collect and forward completed forms to faculty before grades are due.
  • Documentation. Maintains files on each student. The files contain applications, updated grade reports, notes on telephone checks and on-site visits, work supervisor evaluations, student evaluations, and any other application materials or internship credit documentation required by the student's department.

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