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Best Practices

The Internship Program works with almost all of the academic departments on campus. We have compiled a few of the best practices that are used accros the campus to provide suggestions for the internship program in your department.

Registration for Credit

  • Place a departmental hold on all internship classes. This helps to ensure that only students with approved internships are enrolled in the class.
  • Require students to register through the Internship Program. Internship Coordinators can work with departmental faculty to make sure all of the paperwork is in order before students enroll.

Internship Classes

  • Offer set classes that meet occasionally throughout the semester (3-6 times) which are supplemented by online discussions through BlackBoard and other assignments.
  • Create assignments that reinforce not only the experience, but the importance of other internship procedures. Require paperwork to be completed, site visits, evaluations, and other assignments be completed as part of the student's grade.
  • Utilize incompletes when all of the necessary paperwork has not been completed.
  • Allow for the internship class to count towards the faculty's total credit load.
  • Offer internship classes in the fall, spring and summer semester.
  • Consider creating a "pre-internship" class or workshop that will help students find internships the semester before they take an internship class.

Academic Assignments

  • Review the student's learning objectives.  Make sure they are specific, measurable and realistic. 
  • Have students keep a journal, but make sure it is not just a "diary of daily activities".  Refer to Journal Questions and Assignments for ideas.
  • Ask for samples of student work.
  • Think of a small book or journal article that is relevant to what the student is doing in their internship and make it a required reading.
  • Check in with the student regularly.  The Internship Program can help with this. 
  • Provide regular feedback and advice as needed. 

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