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Academic Responsibilities

The following outlines the responsibilities of the academic units involved in working with an internship. These are guidelines only and some departments have developed different processes for working with the Internship Program. Some of the most successful best practices are listed here.

The Academic Department

  • Establishes minimum qualifications for students who wish to receive internship credit.
  • Establishes credit to be earned for each course and the total number of internship credits the department will allow to be counted toward the major.
  • Designates a faculty member to supervise internships. Some department chairs assign all internship responsibility to one faculty member. Others refer prospective interns to faculty according to the focus of the specific internship.
  • Department chair signs the Application for Credit form.
  • Establish evaluation criteria, which may include specific tools to be used. Some departments delegate this responsibility to individual faculty.

Faculty Supervisors

  • Write learning objectives with the student. This is part of completing the "Application for Academic Credit" form.
  • Meet with students periodically to discuss their experiences.
  • Many faculty telephone the supervisor during the semester to check on their intern's progress. They may also visit the job site to meet with the student and internship coordinator.
  • Work with The Internship Program to resolve any problems that may occur or conflicts that may develop between the intern and his/her supervisor.
  • Determine criteria for evaluation. The following are some of the evaluation tools and criteria used by MSU Denver faculty.
    • Work supervisor's evaluation
    • Faculty assessment of the intern's work, judged from work samples, on-the-job observation, etc.
    • Student evaluation form
    • Research paper
    • Self-assessment paper
    • Journal or log
    • Seminar presentation
    • Projects
    • Letters of support
    • Job offers
    • Depth of responsibility of position
    • Amount of learning that has taken place
  • Assign the course grade
  • Maintain files for all students receiving academic credit.

Please note that academic credit can not be given retroactively to a student who did an internship in a previous semester. Please be sure to advise students to connect with the Internship Program prior to starting their internship.

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