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Information for Faculty

MSU Denver faculty devote many hours to supervising students in internships because they realize concrete benefits for their students, their departments, and themselves.

Creating an Internship Classes in Blackboard

How do you make an internship a truly robust learning experience?  It is easy for a student to just "put in the hours" at an internship site and get minimal value from the experience.

A few well chosen activities and reflective exercises can enhance the learning experience and help the student connect their internship to the rest of their coursework and to their chosen profession.

The Internship Program has created a Blackboard "shell" class that has a variety of assignments and activities that can be used for interns.
Set Up
  • In Blackboard, copy the course named Internship Course Template – Internship Courses Only. You can select this option when you complete the Blackboard course activation process by 3PM on the Monday prior to classes beginning.  More information about the Blackboard Learn course activation process can be found at:
  • You may change anything you want to in this template. No due dates or assignment values have been set up so you can customize it for your needs.
  • You can recopy the course for future semesters and maintain all of your customizations you made after copying the Internship Course Template .


  • If you have questions or suggestions about the content of the course, contact Dr. Rhonda Eaker, Director, Applied Learning Center at or 303 615-1333.
  • If you have technical questions or issues related to blackboard, contact ITS Helpdesk at or 303-352-7548

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