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Submitting an Internship

THANK YOU very much for considering MSU Denver students as interns.  We are pleased to announce a new process for managing your internship postings. Career Link is a new MSU Denver database that allows employers to post and manage both job and internships.  Our goal is to make finding an intern as easy as possible.  

You can register and post directly to our internship and jobs website, Career Link.


You may still use this internship proposal form or email an internship description to  However, we hope you will try using Career Link as we think you will really like the control and flexibility.  

All internships will be reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate learning experiences for our students.  If you have questions, please call us a 303 615-1333.  

Yes, I have read and agree to the Employer Expectations*.


Company Name*:


Profit Non-Profit

Type of Business:

Short Description of the Business:

Company Address*:

Company Phone Number*:

Company Website:

Contact Name*:

Check here if you are an MSU Denver Alum?

Contact E-mail address*:

Contact Title*:

Contact Phone Number*:

If you will not be supervising the intern, please indicate the name and title of the person who will be superivsing (if known):

What are the credentials of the person who will be supervising the intern?

For example what are the supervisor's degrees, years of experience, licensures, and certifications, related to the subject matter of the internship?*

Internship Position Title*:


Are there specific dates or number of hours you need? Will the internship be one semester or on-going?

Pay Rate*

If you are a for-profit organization and you are not paying your intern, you should familiarize yourself with the "potential legal issues" section of the Employer Handbook.

Pay Amount*



What will the student be doing?

What training will be provided?*

Application method (select one):*

We can set up our database so that resumes are emailed directly to you from our database.  Please indicate the desired email address to receive these resumes.  Or, we can send the student to your company website.

   E-mail address to receive resumes:  

   Company Website:  

   Other Application Process: 

What academic major and skills would you like the student to have?*

Deadline to Apply*: 

If not specified this will be posted as “open until filled”.

If "open until filled" how long would you like the position posted?:

* Fields with an asterisk are required fields.


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