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American Democracy Project

MSU Denver


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Mission Statement

The American Democracy Project at MSU Denver aims to develop citizens who can demonstrate civic skills, knowledge, and motivation at local, regional, national, and global scales. The values that ground this work are self-efficacy, fairness, social justice, equity, diversity, collaboration, and personal and collective responsibility.  AASC&U's American Democracy Project 


We envision a University-wide commitment, including from both curricular and co-curricular programs, to develop students into engaged and informed citizens of our globally connected democracy. Students, staff, and faculty will develop and employ the skills of democracy, such as collaboration, coordination, dialogue, and deliberation, and MSU Denver students will engage broadly in the processes of participatory democracy. All involved in civic engagement (students, faculty, staff, and community partners) will have a shared understanding of the impact of engagement on student learning, on community partners, and on the University. Lasting, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial relationships with community partners will be valued

Civic Learning Outcomes

When students graduate from MSU Denver, they will be able to:

  • Articulate a sense of responsibility and personal commitment to addressing global and local challenges.
  • Demonstrate skills of influence and action, including persuasion, appropriate contacts, and understanding organizational arrangements.
  • Demonstrate skills of communication and leadership, including taking responsibility for group outcomes, processes and products; speaking publically.
  • Demonstrate skills of political analysis and judgment, including the ability to weigh pros and cons as well as take trade-offs into consideration.
  • Demonstrate skills of teamwork and collaboration, including managing conflict and navigating diverse positions.

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In the News

MSU Denver acknowledged for excellence in citizenry.

MSU Denver is one of 10 schools nationwide invited to participate in an 18-month pilot project for ADP's Digital Polarization Initiative: A Project to Promote Online Civic Information Literacy.

MSU Denver alumni make a difference in their communities.  Leadership 101 with Gloria TannerBuilding and serving in their communities.

MSU Denver was an award winner in the All in Democracy Challenge. Read about it in Making their voices heard.

MSU Denver alumni are involved in building and serving their communities.





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