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How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

Has your employment been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you a May graduate looking for full-time opportunities after graduation?  Just looking to network and start your job search?  The Spring 2020 Virtual Career Fair is on Thursday, April 23rd, from 10 am - 1 pm, is a great way to meet employers who are actively looking to hire people now!

Here is what you need to know to prepare for this small, virtual fair:


Register for the Event

If you would like to like to participate in the virtual fair, you must register prior to the event.  Log into Career Link and locate the Spring 2020 Virtual Career Fair under ‘Events > Career Fair & Networking’ from the left menu.  Click the ‘RSVP’ button to register.

Prior to the event, you will also want to upload a polished resume under your ‘Documents’ in Career Link.  Employers will be able to review and download your resume.


Research the Employers

In the Career Link event posting, review the list of employers under 'See Who's Coming'.  Look at their profiles, websites and open positions.  Make a list of the employers you would like to speak with and add them to your ‘Top 10’ list.

New employers may be added prior to the event, so check back regularly for any updates.


Get Your Resume Reviewed

Make sure your resume highlights your skills, abilities and experience.  If there are specific employers you plan to chat with during the virtual fair, review the descriptions for their open positions.  Does your resume speak to the qualifications they are requiring?

If you need help with your resume, try Vmock!  Vmock is an online resume tool that provides instant and personalized feedback on your resume.  Simply sign in with your MSU Denver Net ID and password and upload a PDF version of your resume. 

You can also have someone review your resume during Career Lab.  We still host virtual, drop-in hours, Monday through Friday.  Click HERE for lab hours and instructions under ‘Virtual Resources’.


Practice Your Introduction

Practice introducing yourself with your “elevator pitch”.  Start with your name, year in school and major or area of interest.  Talk about the position(s) you are interested in, and some relevant skills or experiences that would make you a strong candidate.


Prepare Some Questions

Make a list of two or three questions to ask your selected employers.  What do you want to know about these positions you are interested in or the organizations?  Use your research prior to the event to make your questions insightful and not easily answered by looking at their website.


Get Organized

Review the Virtual Career Fair_Student Instructions to learn how to connect with employers during the virtual fair.  The live chat is through an instant messaging format.  There is no video or audio.  However, you should still set yourself up in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed so that you can focus on the conversation.  You may even want wear nicer attire to help put you in the right mindset.

Have a notebook and pen nearby to jot down things that were discussed – important considerations about the positions, what you liked or did not like about the organization, deadline dates, contact information.  You can reference these notes later to recall the conversation if you are asked to schedule an interview.


Follow Up

If you received contact information from a representative, send them a follow-up email.  Briefly reintroduce yourself (they will have chatted with many students during the fair) and thank them for their time.  Use your notes to recall something that you discussed or enjoyed about the conversation and let them know of your interest in moving forward in the process.  If you are no longer interested in the position, still send the note and thank them for their time.


For more tips, schedule a virtual appointment with a career advisor by emailing us at .  You can also connect with us during Career Lab, Monday through Friday.

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