MSU Denver

When to Refer

EMERGENCIESIf you believe there is an imminent safety threat or emergency please call the police immediately.  For on-campus situations please call the Auraria Police Department directly by dialing 911 from any campus phone or at 303.556.5000 from a cell phone.  For off-campus emergencies please call 911.  Additionally, please file a CARE report after the authorities have been notified of the emergent situation and have responded.  CARE reports are monitored regularly during the University’s regular business hours.

If you have concerns about an MSU Denver student who may be struggling or whose behavior is concerning, risky, or potentially harmful to himself, herself, others, or the community, please file a CARE Referral.  Even if you aren’t sure that a student’s situation merits a CARE report we encourage you to err on the side of caution and let us know what you’ve observed. By doing so, the professionals on the CARE Team can assess the situation, piece together any possible other information about the student’s situation, and respond appropriately.

Some things that may lead you to file a CARE Report include:

  • A student is struggling with a difficult life circumstance or health issue;
  • A student is displaying unusual or out-of-character behavior;
  • A student is communicating thoughts of harm to self, others or locations;
  • A student is experiencing significant loss such as the death of a family member or loss of safe housing;
  • A student is communicating they are the victim of harassment, stalking, interpersonal violence or sexual assault;
  • A student is missing class for an extended period of time;
  • A student is nonresponsive to outreach attempts;
  • A student is displaying unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior;
  • A student is experiencing a high level of stress;
  • A student is displaying behavior that is disruptive or negatively impacting the classroom or work environment; or
  • A student is posting concerning messages on social media.
  • *This list is not comprehensive. If you are worried about a student, please submit a CARE report so the Team can assist.*

Filing a CARE report is easy! Simply click CARE Referral and complete as much information as you have available.

What happens next?

There are a variety of possible actions that may occur once a CARE report has been filed.  Based on the nature and concern level of the report, the student’s other or past behavior(s), and the context of what’s occurred, the following are possible ‘next steps’ once the CARE Team has received a report regarding a student.

  • The CARE Team may reach out to you to confirm the report has been received and discuss next steps.
  • The CARE Team may research the situation to gather additional information to guide recommendations.
  • The CARE Team may educate the reporter on how to assist the student (i.e. making a referral to a campus resource), if the person making the report is comfortable doing so and if appropriate, given the nature of what has been reported.
  • The CARE Team may reach out to the student directly to request a meeting, to make a referral, or to take other action.
  • The CARE Team may refer the situation to the Student Conduct process, if there is evidence of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The CARE Team may provide consultation to the Student Conduct Officer in these cases.
  • The CARE Team may share information with the police or campus and community agencies with applicable services/jurisdiction.
  • The CARE Team may monitor the student’s behavior for any trends/future behaviors.

In all cases, a member of the CARE Team will contact the person who made the report within 2 business days to confirm receipt and share any appropriate follow up information*.

*The CARE Team operates under FERPA.  As such and to protect students’ privacy, certain information will not be shared. Information provided in a CARE Report becomes a part of the student’s educational record and FERPA regulations apply; as such, a student may be able to review the content of the report.