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CARE Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Taking the step to express a concern about someone can evoke mixed feelings. Following are a few questions to explore as you consider your options.

Filing a CARE report allows you to let us know if you are concerned about a student’s wellbeing or behavior.  For example, if a student is exhibiting behavior that is unusual, unpredictable, or otherwise of concern please fill out a CARE report.  The CARE report can also be used to alert the appropriate University officials about a non-emergent medical or mental health concern that a student may be facing.  If you are unsure if the behavior warrants a report, please file a anyway.  Someone from the CARE team will contact you within 2 business days to discuss the report and appropriate next steps.

You are sharing a concern based on an observed behavior (e.g., verbal exchange, action, etc.), not making a determination.  By alerting the appropriate campus representatives through the CARE Team, a determination about next steps, including any safety considerations, can be made.

As a caring individual, you may wish to connect with the person you are concerned about before submitting a report.  You can let the student know you are concerned about them and that you made the referral to the CARE Team for them to get additional support and intervention. However, there is no expectation that you do this and if there is a concern of threat or self-harm it is best to consult with a  member of the CARE team to determine the best way to connect with the student.

If the behavior of the student has caused concern for you we encourage you to notify the CARE Team right away.  You may be witnessing part of a larger pattern of behavior. By sharing your concern you may be helping the CARE team learn about a concerning situation or connect a student to resources that will support them on campus.

Although action will depend upon the situation, a member of the CARE team will try to make contact with you before doing an outreach to the student. The CARE Team is committed to helping students persist at the University whenever safe and possible. Many CARE reports simply result in an outreach to the student to discuss their situation and appropriate resources. Occasionally, the team may need to take additional action to make sure the student, campus, and community are safe.

The CARE Team is the only campus entity with access to the CARE reports and CARE Team meetings are closed meetings.  CARE reports are a part of a student's secure educational record. As such, CARE records are covered under FERPA regulations, thereby protecting the privacy of the student.  Also note that students may have access to their educational records under FERPA, which may include access to the name of the person filing a report and the content of the report. If you are unsure of what information to include in the report, please give us a call at 303-615-0220.

You are doing the right thing by reporting your concerns in support of individual and campus safety.  However, this action may also raise concern for the person involved. The CARE team takes into account the concerns of the campus, as well as the needs of the student about whom concerns are expressed. Whether the overall review of information will adversely affect the person's status as a student will depend on the situation at hand.

The CARE team will address every report that is brought to the group.  We will acknowledge receipt of the report from you.  However, you may not be privy to the outcome or resolution, based on the factors involved. However, if you have follow up questions after submitting a report, you can always contact the Dean of Students Office to inquire about the outcome. The CARE Team closely adheres to FERPA standards to protect the privacy of student records.

The CARE Team will attempt to handle all matters judiciously.  We cannot guarantee that the person(s) involved will not be able to find out the source of the report.  However, we will try to speak with you before we contact the person in the report if possible.

You are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist the CARE Team if clarification or additional information is needed.  Submitting your name also gives your report more credence.  Anonymous reports will be reviewed, but the Team may be limited in providing follow up or safety support to the reporting party.

  1. If you feel there is an immediate threat or safety concern, call 911 from any campus phone or 303.556.5000 from a cell phone.  Then, once the immediate concern has been addressed by the police, please file a CARE report.
  2. For non-emergent situations, click here to file a CARE report.  You will be asked for basic information about the student, how to contact you (in the event the CARE Team has follow-up questions) and for a description of the incident or behaviors that prompted the referral.

Please remember, you are the CARE Team’s best resource because you are familiar with the student.  If you are comfortable doing so, tell the student that you are concerned and let them know you have made a referral to the CARE Team.  In many cases students may indicate they are struggling and could use some help. You may also refer or escort them to the Counseling Center or Health Center directly and please follow up with a CARE Report.

Anyone can make a CARE Team referral.  This includes students, parents, faculty and staff, and other community members.

There are a variety of possible actions that may occur once a CARE report has been filed.  Based on the nature and concern level of the report, the student's other or past behavior(s), and the context of what's occurred, the following are possible 'next steps' once the CARE Team has received a report regarding a student.

  • The CARE Team may research the situation to gather additional information to guide recommendations.
  • The CARE Team may educate the reporter on how to assist the student (i.e. making a referral to a campus resource), if the person making the report is comfortable doing so and if appropriate, given the nature of what has been reported.
  • The CARE Team may reach out to the student directly to request a meeting, to make a referral, or to take other action.
  • The CARE Team may refer the situation to the Student Conduct process, if there's evidence of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The CARE Team may provide consultation to the Student Conduct Officer in these cases.
  • The CARE Team may share information with the police or campus and community agencies with applicable services/jurisdiction.
  • The CARE Team may monitor the student's behavior for any trends/future behaviors.

In all cases, a member of the CARE Team will contact the person who made the report within 2 business days to confirm receipt and share any appropriate follow up information*.

 *The CARE Team operates under FERPA. As such and to protect students' privacy, certain information will not be shared.

You do not have to make this determination; the CARE Team will do it for you. Your important role is to alert the CARE Team by filing a CARE report.

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