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Campus Recreation at Auraria Inter-program Policies

The CRA policies are created through the collaborative efforts of the CRA fulltime staff. The policies are intended to support a consistent and high quality presentation of CRA programs and to support a consistent and high quality experience among participants, student staff and professional staff.

Outdoor Pursuits Policy Manual


Vehicle Use - Non-CRA Staff

State of Colorado Fleet Management policies and procedures take precedence in all cases. Colorado policies and procedures are subject to change.

Policies, fueling, maintenance, repair and accident reporting information is included in the pouch in each vehicle.

State Fleet Management policies, procedures and additional information is available at

Failure to follow CRA and State policies and procedures may limit future access to CRA vehicles.



  • Follow State of Colorado policies and all applicable laws
  • Personal use of state vehicles is prohibited by state law
  • Drive defensively
  • Be aware of and avoid distractions while operating vehicles
  • Eating while driving is prohibited
  • Avoid excessive lane changes
  • Do not be in a hurry
  • The use of communication equipment (cell phone, texting, walkie-talkie etc.) while driving is prohibited



  • Follow State of Colorado procedures regarding vehicle operations and maintenance
  • Do not operate van with gas below a quarter tank
  • Report repair and maintenance issues promptly to Tony Price at
  • Please returned/park vehicles per your arrangements made in advance
  • Please refuel vehicle before returning it
  • Remind passengers to remove personal items and trash from van after each use
  • Use your co-pilot to adjust heat, radio, use the phone etc.


For Safety’s Sake

  • Be aware of and avoid distractions while operating vehicles
  • Drive defensively
  • Avoid excessive lane changes
  • Do not be in a hurry
  • When operating the van, you are a professional driver - behave as one

Print for signature: 

I have read the Campus Recreation van use policies and procedures and agree to abide by them.




Campus Affiliation


Campus Phone Number


Cell Phone Number


Current driver’s license number                                                                Expiration






Signature                                                                                                             Date




CRA Website Content Management

The current Campus Recreation website as of Spring 2017 is based on reorganization, redesign and a new promotional schema generated in a collaborative effort of CRA staff and facilitated by Sector Brands that resulted in a new look and feel and a new way of understanding how CRA adds value and serves the campus community.

“Sector Brands is a social purpose branding firm that helps organizations leverage the power of branding to become dynamic forces for social good while achieving greater impact in the industries, communities and markets they serve. Using a highly collaborative and transformational brand development process, we partner with organizations to:

Position their organization for leadership

Enhance their value

Elevate their impact

Strengthen their social purpose”



  • One CRA staff member is to be appointed to oversee the CRA website. This staff member will:
    • Post content on behalf of CRA
    • Approve changes to navigation, content, and look and feel
    • Direct others to review, proof, post content and assist with quality control
    • Propose changes in design to CRA staff
    • Disseminate information about Web based tools and technology within CRA
  • Permissions are to be implemented so that staff can make changes directly to designated pages only
    • Permissions will establish who posts to what pages.
  • Each time an edit/post is made to a page, the poster will proof the entire page
    • Poster will proof for spelling, grammar and outdated content
  • All Web posting staff must complete Terminal 4 training and have their own login
  • Edits are reviewed by all who’s program areas are affected by such edits
  • The Director is provided opportunity to review all new content
  • Broad changes will be reviewed by all CRA staff
  • No response to requests for review are considered equivalent to approval
  • Feedback and suggestions can be made at any time – there is no time limit on feedback
  • Either all or no buckets (programs) are to be included on the CRA Home page
  • Special program promotions on Home page – yet to be determined
  • Buckets (program areas) are alpha ordered
  • The communications specialist assigned responsibility will post all Hero content



  • CRA follows the lead of the Office of College Communications
  • All Web edits are made with the Terminal 4 content management tool
  • To facilitate review, a link to content changes and a brief description of changes made will be emailed to all who’s programs are affected
  • Requests to post content are to be emailed to the responsible posting staff member
  • Content can be forwarded for posting in a Word document attachment or as text within the body of an email
  • Include little or no formatting beyond soft and hard returns with paragraphs separated by two hard returns (one line) without indents
  • Consult the design document for more information about submitting content for posting
  • After editing, updating or posting new content, a link to the changes is to be pasted into an email along with a short description of the changes and then sent to all who’s areas are affected.




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