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Student Staff Performance Tools and Resources


Student Quote: 

"An incredible value and I look forward to taking seminars with OPC again.”

OP Policies

12 Rules for a Successful Internship or Graduate Assistantship

12 Rules for Conducting an Internship or Graduate Assistantship

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Outdoor Pursuits Diversity Statement

The staff of Outdoor Adventure encourage an inclusive, open and welcoming atmosphere by designing and offering challenging programs for all skill levels. We maintain a program that includes and welcomes people of all races, creeds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, learning styles, economic levels, ages, regions of origin and physical abilities.

"We recognize that all participants bring a level of experience, skill and ability. We will not make assumptions about others’ ability, interest or experience in the outdoors."

This statement is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Outdoor Pursuits staff.

Goal Setting Resource

The Outdoor Pursuits program exists to support several important outcomes. Among these is the vital need to assist students to become prepared for professional work after graduation. To that end, we provide opportunities for students to address their professional interests, build skills and fill in gaps in skill.

To assist with these outcomes, we ask that staff prepare a set of goals they intend to pursue through their work. These goals will be formalized as part of your staff development process.

canyoneersCommon or Shared OP Student Staff Goal
In addition to goals you identify, I am asking that everyone list this goal:
Within two years (could be shorter) I will be able to lead a trip or outing within my chosen discipline. This will include all the necessary knowledge acquisition, application and integration (KAAI) to make an experience a success.

Choose additional goals and/or create your own (certain goals should be attainable and measurable while others can be aspirational)

  • Develop my leadership skills
  • Identify my leadership style
  • Learn more about leadership theory
  • Better understand others leadership style
  • Exercise more effective leadership
  • Develop my outdoor skills - skiing, climbing, hiking, backpacking, paddle sports, camping, GPS, etc.
  • Develop my teaching skills
  • Learn how to better engage learners
  • Develop learner outcomes
  • Learn how to create a lesson plan
  • Meet other students
  • Work a flexible schedule that supports my academic success
  • Do work that supports my scholarly pursuits
  • Do work that supports my passion
  • Do work that supports my career goals
  • Assess my interest in pursuing a career in the outdoor leadership fields
  • Develop my teambuilding facilitation skills
  • Develop my customer service skills
  • Learn more about technology
  • Learn about current issues in outdoor leadership professions
  • Contribute to diversity in outdoor professions

Semester professional development plan

Student staff canyoneeringALP Teambuilding Seminar and Certification
Learning Style assessment
Leadership Style assessment
Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory
Professional Development Feedback Form
Additional professional development will be available including training, conference’s and skills such as rock climbing, kayaking, avalanche frecasting, etc.

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