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Spring 2021 Programs

As many of us are “upping our backcountry game”, we are more likely to venture into terrain that can offer up a heap of risk, even danger. While backcountry access supports our pursuit of enlightenment, companionship, fitness and adventure, we only benefit from what we survive unscathed. Join Outdoor Pursuits (OP) for our spring 2021 leadership, safety and skills online retreats. We are online again this but rest assured, we will include interesting, provocative and new content and challenges. Below are our upcoming interactive, inclusive, open discussion OP events for Spring 2021.

NOTE: dates/times/links will be added to each program as they get confirmed. For any questions/comments/interest email Bryan Ferguson,

OP staff lead a 30-part series challenge to prep for spring rock climbing, trail running, hiking and much more.

The Four Factors - We are online this year for the first time ever but we will include snow studies of recent and current snowpack conditions, reading terrain, weather factors and rescue.

A discussion series of current events, topics and better practices for making the outdoor industry more inclusive and just.

Tune in for thought provoking, new and emerging ideas discussed by experts and advocates in fields related to participation in outdoor pursuits both professional and recreational. Topic are yet to be decided on but will be related the environment, search and rescue, gear, accidents, education and much more.

Keep it simple and master the knots you need to make proper anchors for top-rope and lead climbing.

Whether it’s one day of skiing or a five-day backpack trip. pack light and eat well. Menus and cooking for the demands of backcountry travel.

Keep you board tuned and tips for successful skinning on skis and split-boards.

Discussion and sharing experiences and resources for winter shelters.

Learn the foundations of maps and finding directions and locations on maps. Supports a better understanding of the map software on you device.

Cellphone technology, personal locator beacons, radio, apps, there is a long list of technology available to the outdoor enthusiast. We will discuss pros and cons of each.

Bring enough water for your day trips but what about longer trips? Discuss various options getting water in the wilderness.

Discuss Leave No Trace in the backcountry and as a guide to reducing impact on the earth.

Commuting, avoiding theft, routes and safety topics introduced and discussed.

Tune in to learn about signs of illness, interventions and patient care and learn about our “Call No Call” backcountry first aid philosophy.

Industry standards for evaluating life-protection gear for layperson and professional educator alike.

Mastering the ice tool swing, crampon fit and use, placing ice screws, making anchors are topics discussed.

Join us for a discussion of ropes and making anchors in rock and ice including challenging conventions, minimal gear situations. Share your experience.

Discuss differing approaches to gear, packing, blister treatment, going light and bring it all.

Join us for a 40-minute discussion of leadership including activities to help identify your favorite leadership style, how to modify your style for different situations and how to understand others’ chosen styles.

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