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Outdoor Pursuits Online

MSU Denver online outdoor student, faculty and staff resources

Welcome to the brand new (and evolving) Outdoor Pursuits online resources page. This page will be populated with great places to visit, resources and knowledge about safe travel in the backcountry, ways to engage in and stay connected to the outdoors.

Please send us good vibes along with ideas, links, resources and your thoughts, musings and writings about the outdoors or a related topic.

Here we explain the current and near-future situation of OP - Outdoor Pursuits Letter to MSU Denver Community


Place Asset Inventory (PAI) links page - The places OP goes and recommends Click the Place Asset link in the links column (left)

Here we have assembled links related to Outdoor Pursuits and the outdoor industry:

Outdoor places:


Learn techniques:


Outdoor legislation, legal and activation/participation (plan to vote)


Anti-racist, inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors


Outdoor Industry - organizations and trends


Getting involved


Conservation and preservation


Outdoor Media Resources

Outdoor Social Media Resource




First aid

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