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Teambuilding day with MSU Denver students


Adventure Leadership Programs (ALP) Teambuilding and leadership opportunities for the students of MSU Denver

Adventure Leadership Program (ALP)

ALP is a staff facilitated teambuilding and leadership development program at Campus Recreation that serves the teambuilding needs of student and staff groups of MSU Denver. A wide variety of activities, both cognitive and physical are included in the ALP program.

Activities are carefully selected to support specific outcomes. Outcomes are identified in advance and might include getting know one another, breaking the ice, building cooperation and just having fun. Activities include classic ice breakers, challenges and initiatives as well as some of our own innovations. Every activity can be modified to include everyone and encourage all to participate.

Teambuilding and leadership development at ALP occur in place-based, experiential learning, small-group activities. That means that we get together and do things that support the development of skills that are transferable to school, work and daily life. Activities include ice breakers and teambuilding activities, hiking, group facilitation and learning. ALP is a unique blend of activities that can be tailored to meet group and individual needs. ALP is for students, faculty and staff.

Included in ALP, is our Teambuilding Seminar, known as the “ALP cert.” The cert combines online content and face-to-face, hands-on experiences designed to introduce members of the Auraria community to teambuilding ideas, practices and techniques. By participating in the ALP cert, students learn about teambuilding and small-group facilitation. ALP enriches the community by boosting teamwork, accelerating productive work groups and revealing the value of our work.

Activities include ice breakers, teambuilding activities, hiking, group facilitation activities, travel and learning. ALP includes a blend of activities that are tailored to meet group and individuals teambuilding and leadership needs.

Due to pandemic safety concerns, we are working
remotely through spring semester

ALP includes:

Student leadership development
Team building for your group, club, class or office
Learn to facilitate teambuilding
Participate in fun on-campus challenges

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Check out our ALP and facilitation slideshows and sample list of activities:

ALP Online

Small Group Facilitation

ALP Activities


ALP Teambuilding Seminars and Certification

The Adventure Leadership Program (ALP) Seminar and Certification combines online content and a four to five hour face to face experience. It is designed to introduce members of the Auraria community to teambuilding ideas, practices and techniques.

The ALP provides members of the Auraria community with opportunities to learn about teambuilding and to acquire the skills they need to facilitate their own groups. ALP is intended to enrich the community by sharing practices that help bring individuals together to form productive groups.

MSU Denver students benefit through skills and knowledge acquisition, public speaking opportunities and listing the certification on their resumes.

ALP workshops are available and can be customized especially for alumni.

ALP Trainings for MSU Denver Departments and Programs:

-What's my Leadership Style?
-Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory 
-FISH Philosophy/Culture

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