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Meet Your Group Fitness Instructors

If you're interested in joining our team of instructors, email Diane Yee (


  • Schwinn Cycling Mpower Instructor Certification

Aimee is a Colorado native, and a graduate of CU Denver with a BA in psychology and a BFA in multimedia design. You may also recognize her as the manager of the Tivoli Starbucks. Her passion for fitness comes from her very fit and active parents. Her mother has been a cycling and fitness instructor for the past 15 years. Aimee loves to stay active with strength training, yoga and cycling. She is also passionate about cooking and nutrition, especially after the birth of her two children, when providing nutritious food for her family became extra important to her. When she’s not on campus, or running after her kids, Aimee spends her time riding on her other two-wheels - a vintage 1971 Vespa scooter. Aimee hopes to inspire people’s passion for fitness and health, regardless of age or fitness ability.


  • Barre Above

I’ve always had a love for being active. When I moved to Colorado in 2016, I was most excited for all of the hiking trails and going to the mountains. I grew up in Nebraska, then moved to South Carolina before deciding to move to Colorado.  After taking a year to work and look into what schools I wanted to attend, I found MSU Denver and applied to get my degree in Public Health. I am beyond excited to see what this school has in store for me and to help others along the way! Come meet me at the Barre!


  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor

James was born in North Carolina and raised in Colorado. He wants to motivate and inspire people to be beyond their best. James enjoys talking in the third person and thinks that everyone should do it more often. His favorite place to be is in the sun, but knows how to appreciate the shade.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified

Health consists of many factors that include your state of mind, a balanced diet and physical activity. No matter the goal we can get there as a team. I plan to teach as well as learn together, while you not only get healthier but feel happier and accomplished. The key is to create new habits, trust that every bit of effort makes a difference and to enjoy the journey. My service in the Marine Corps taught me discipline and consistency, which are qualities I will display as your fitness instructor.


  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Jody, from Brooklyn, NY, smiles when he sees people enjoying themselves. He himself enjoys traveling to new places, his favorite book is The Cyberaid and he plans to make the world a better place by always being a little kinder than necessary. His dream is to help others be their best.


  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling

From Frankenmuth, Michigan, Julie has a masters in Sports Medicine and enjoys reading, gardening and being active. She plans to make the world a better place by smiling and looking on the bright side. Her dream is to honor those who came before her and leave a legacy for those who come after her.


  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • ACE Group Fitness

From Terre Haute, Indiana, Louie has a Master's degree in Adult Fitness. He enjoys developing student trainers and seeing them succeed in fitness after they graduate. Outside of work, Louie likes attending sporting events, coaching youth sports, spending time with family and working on investment properties.  



  • USA Powerlifting Certified Club Coach
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • TRX Group Fitness

My number one goal is to make you stronger. I will use science based programming and movements that have stood the test of time. These movements will be centered around the big three: the back squat, the bench press and the deadlift. I will teach you correct form, give you the best workouts for your goals and help motivate you but the change in your body will come from your dedication, effort and consistency.

I’ve lifted weights in some form since I was 16 years old. Two years ago I discovered powerlifting. Since then, I’ve built my strength and was able to put a 1091 pound total at my first meet in July 2018. I’m excited to spread the sport and help people get stronger and healthier.

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