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Locker Rooms Closed.

In an effort to minimize health and safety risks to Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff, campus leadership has made the decision to close the PE Building. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Once we are cleared to open again, we will update our website.

Thank you for understanding.

NEW Campus Recreation Locker Rooms

Campus Recreation and MSU Denver invites you to explore our new locker rooms [men’s (PE 103), women’s (PE 105) and gender inclusive (PE 113 & PE 114)] exclusive for Campus Recreation members. Current on-campus students automatically have memverships through their student fees. For other membership rates, please visit our Memberships page.


All lockers are 35"H x 17"W x 23"D with a built-in 4-digit combination lock. Inside each locker are two hooks and a shelf. The shelf is 12" from the top and is 4" deep. Wheelchair accessible lockers are offered on the bottom row and have an additional shelf set 14" from the floor and is the full depth of the locker. Rental lockers and free Day-Use lockers are available.

Indiviual showers feature a wet and dry area which allows you a private changing space, right next to your towel. Towel service is provided with your Campus Recreation membership; pick-up and drop-off at the Fitness Center. Soap is not provided.

The men's and women's locker rooms each have three changing rooms, while each gender inclusive locker room has 1 changing room. These spaces feature a locking door and mirror (think clothing store fitting room) for your privacy.

Wall-mounted hair dryers have been installed for your convenience.

High-powered hand dryers are offered as a paper towel alternative, but even if you elect to use paper towels they can be placed in the compostable receptacle.

There is a built-in 4-digit lock.

To set the lock:

  1. In the unlocked position, set the combination to the desired 4-digit number
  2. Turn the knob to lock position, and scramble the number to lock the locker

To unlock the locker:

  1. Spin each dial to the set combination
  2. Turn the knob to the unlock position, and pull open door
  3. Upon exiting the locker make sure you scramble the number (leave unlocked) so people don’t learn what your combination was, in the event you use that combination again.

new locker rooms in the PE Building new locker rooms in the PE Building

NOTE: only the lockers marked ADA have the additional full shelf. These are on the bottom rows only.

Card-access is required to gain entry into these spaces. Please bring your Auraria issued ID card to the Front Desk (PE 108) or Fitness Center (PE 110) during business hours to get encoded. Remember, a valid Campus Recreation membership is required to access the locker rooms. Alternatively a Day Pass can be purchased for $5 and a Campus Recreation staff member can open the doors for Day Pass holders.

Exclusive for Campus Recreation Members. Be among the first to occupy a rental locker. Choose from men's, women's and gender inclusive spaces. Requests for bay, row and even a specific locker number are taken, but not guaranteed. For an updated list of locker availability click here. For a PDF view of the Locker Room Layouts, click Locker Room Layouts (this will not have updated availability).
$30 for Auraria Campus students
$40 for all other Campus Recreation Members
(prices reduced 50% on March 9, 2020)
Spring 2020 locker rentals are valid through Friday, May 15, 2020.
Purchase your locker rentals on our eMarket Click on Memberships --> Locker Rentals.
NOTE: you will not have access to the locker room until the completion of construction which is projected to be February 11. Your registration will be processed within 3-business days. You'll receive an email from with your locker assignment and lock instructions.

Day-use lockers are offered in the following spaces:

  • Men's Locker Room (PE 103)
  • Women's Locker Room (PE 105)
  • Fitness Center (PE 110)*
  • Gender Inclusive Locker Room (PE 113)
  • Fitness Studio (PE 201)**

* Bring your own lock or borrow one from the Fitness Center (ID required)
** Must provide your own lock.


Day-use lockers must be cleared out by closing of each business day (Mondays-Thursdays 10 p.m.; Fridays 7 p.m.). Items left behind will be disposed.

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