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Wellness for Faculty and Staff

An Employee Wellness Committee formed in fall 2018 to organize events, activities and programs focused on your wellness. We have identified physical and social wellness interests and needs of our community with the following outcomes:

1) offering them on campus
2) connecting you to those resources off campus
3) connecting you to fellow colleagues that share your interest(s)

See below for what’s happening on campus both designed by the EWC and already existing opportunities. If you know of any other existing wellness opportunities or would like to suggest and/or help plan future ones, please email Diane Yee,

Join us on the Racquetball Court C in the PE/Event Center (PE 111C) for some badminton on Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. All skill levels welcome. Equipment, towels and showers are available. Please wear non-marking sneakers.

For questions/comments contact Ned Hoewisch

MSU Denver Faculty and Staff can join Campus Recreation for just $50/semester and your partner can join for just $60/semester. Your membership gives you access to the fitness center and loft, group fitness, open recreation, intramural sports, outdoor pursuits, gear rentals and more. Purchase your membership online or in person.

           Spring ~ mid-December to mid-May
           Summer ~ mid-May to mid-August
           Fall ~ mid-August to mid-December

For more information check out the navigation bar on the left.
For questions/comments email

We started a Facebook Group to connect MSU Denver Faculty and Staff outside of work.

In this group, feel free to let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods. You're encouraged to create/share events on this page to support, or mingle with, your fellow Roadrunners. Please invite all the employees you know!

Escape the office and join us for Friday Funday events at noon on the West Court in the PE Building (PE104W). No experience/skill necessary. Simply take a break to enjoy time with colleagues from across the campus over some friendly competition. Prizes for the winners!

Spring 2019
2/1 - Volleyball
2/22 - Badminton*
3/22 - Basketball/shooting games
4/12 - Field games (hoop hop showdown, egg on a spoon, ladder golf, corn hole, Spikeball, Kan Jam, Kubb)
4/19 - Basketball/shooting games
4/26 - Volleyball
5/3 - Badminton*

*Please note that badminton takes place on the East Court and is also offered Thursdays from noon-1 p.m. with Professor David Klein.

DID YOU KNOW: Faculty and Staff have access to our locker rooms and showers? Stop by the front desk at Campus Recreation (M-F 8 a.m.–5 p.m.) to get your card encoded.

For questions/comments or to help with Wellness programming, email Diane Yee

We are gathering favorite healthy recipes from MSU Denver Faculty and Staff. If you have one, we'd be happy to add it to our MSU Denver Healthy Cookbook!

To participate or for questions/comments contact Kyle Garrity.

If you'd like to add to this list, complete this quick Qualtrics form. To update a listing email Diane Yee.

Event/Activity/Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
50/50 Raffle Tickets Sell raffle tickets at Rockies home games as a fundraiser for your department or student organization. Earn $200/game. Brandi Rideout
African American Affairs Council This organization supports  the African and African-American community through cultural, educational, and social events and exchanges. Amber Mozet
Center for Visual Art Free lectures, workshops, First Friday art walks, Hands-on artmaking. Cecily Cullen
Coffee w/ President  Coffee with the President once per semester to share coffee and conversation. Summer Valdez
Colfax Marathon Join the Colfax Marathon to raise money for the Student Emergency Fund. Brandi Rideout
Community Bus Tour Tour community organizations where faculty and students engage in community service work. Rhonda Eaker
Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry (D-phi) The Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry aims to enrich Denver’s intellectual and cultural life through programs designed to reframe our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and stimulate dialogue about human thought, history, science, art and culture. D-phi organizes roundtable discussions, art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances, and lectures centered on major themes, issues or questions of abiding human concern. We host both local and international experts, artists, and some of the 'greatest minds of our time.'  D-phi
Employee Wellness Committee Help plan events/activities for your colleagues focused on physical, mental and social wellness. Diane Yee
Global Education Luncheon  Lunch presentation on faculty/staff current work abroad. Kat Martinez
Healthy Pursuits Free Pilates, Zumba and yoga classes to help improve health and fitness. Beth Sandlin
Higher Education Diversity Summit This event is an opportunity to network, learn, reflect and engage with people committed to diversity and equity. Jeremy VanHooser
Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association An organization for the Latin@ community to mingle, share interests, mentor students and foster unity. Eric Silva
Lunch with Provost  Lunch with the Provost is offered each semester to share ideas about projects and programs on campus. Kaitlin Pace
Meet the Masters On-campus, fun information sessions for MSU Denver employees to empower and inform them about graduate programs, making them knowledgeable ambassadors to the programs. Max Morgan
Metro Math Day Join the Math Department as they host this annual competition (35+ years) for HS students focused on engineering, geometry and algrbra. Seeking judges, volunteers, and cheerleaders. Brendan Fry
Mug Club Become a Mug Club member for Tivoli Brewery discounts while supporting student scholarships. Brandi Rideout
Professional Development Conference  The purpose of the Professional Development Conference is to create an inclusive and energizing opportunity for members of the MSU Denver community to grow both professionally and personally while they learn more about their colleagues. The committee plans and executes this annual event. Danielle Farrell
Prospective Innovations in Teaching and Learning Xperiences (PitchLX) An annual event which culminates in conjunction with the annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium (TLTS) at MSU Denver. Up to 10 higher education professionals (faculty, staff, administrators, etc.) are selected to deliver a 3-minute pitches for existing or theorized innovative ideas which have the potential to significantly shape the future of teaching and learning with technology. Following each pitch, a panel of experts will conduct a live Q&A/critique, and award points based on feasibility, creativity, pedagogical value and overall delivery. Alex McDaniel
Roadrunner’s Give Back Day Volunteer for a (half) day of service to local organizations. Julie Lucas
Sustainability and Health Fair Learn about ways to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle with games and giveaways. Chris Herr
Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium (TLTS) A collaborative venue to critically learn, discuss, and create. We aim to cultivate a regional network focused on creativity, equity, leadership, and the creation of artifacts that inspire, and positively shape, the future intersection of teaching, learning, and technology. Alex McDaniel
Tenure Track Supper Club  Faculty retention program that links faculty with senior faculty advisors. Chalane Lechuga
The Family Literacy Program The Family Literacy Program offers four comprehensive home- and school-based literacy programs designed to give at-risk children and their parents the educational and life proficiencies they need to be successful. Adriann Wycoff
Women of Color Networking and community building events for Women of Color. Bridgette Coble

The Lunch Buddies program is designed to connect people around campus who may not necessarily interact on a regular basis. We're all here to do our part, and we can function more effectively when relationships (both professional and personal) are established and a better understanding can be made across departments. Program highlights include:

  • Low commitment, high impact
  • Expand campus network & collaboration opportunities
  • Mentor (or get mentored)
  • Learn about the campus, departments and cool things around the Denver Metro area

Participants can opt-in monthly (feel free to skip months as needed) to be paired with a buddy from another department. Buddies will choose a day/time/location to meet (can brown bag it - don't feel obligated to pay for lunch each time), with an open agenda. Usually work is brought up where each buddy talks about their path to MSU Denver, department and role; but it's even better when a personal connection can be made. Either way, this program will help bond our campus community over information sharing and storytelling. You will be paired with a new buddy each month you opt-in, but you're encouraged to maintain relationships with past buddies as you see fit. 

Simply complete this quick registration form. At the end of each month I'll reach out to gather interest for the following month. I'm also connecting with local eateries to score discounts for Lunch Buddies participants!

Feel free to email Diane Yee with any questions/comments.

PS - please share this email with colleagues you think would benefit from this program, like meeting new people and/or love to eat!

July 2019 - Bubu
August 2019 - Illegal Burger

As part of the Healthy Pursuits program, Mind Body Fitness including Pilates, Yoga and Zumba classes aim to improve health and fitness through a connection from the inside out. These classes are offered at no charge to the Auraria Campus community. All Mind Body Fitness classes held in PE 103. 

Flow Yoga | 3:30-4:30 

Power Yoga | 11:00-11:50
Pilates | 12:30-1:20
Energize Yoga | 3:30-4:30
Zumba | 5:15-6:15

For more information visit Healthy Pursuits

Join Beth Sandlin, Assistant Director Educational Services for the Health Center at Auraria, in this 50-minute Mindful Breaks Workshop. Learn and experience different mindful strategies you can use throughout the day to reduce stress and increase your sense of well-being and balance.

Wednesday, March 13; 12:30 p.m.
West Classroom 262
Capacity: 20
Sign-Up Here

Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide. Enter guided meditations. Meditating on your own requires some effort, while guided meditations literally walk you through a meditation and help you find a calm and peaceful state—one step at a time.

For more information email Beth Sandlin.

The Health Center at Auraria offers free nutrition consultations with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN). The RDNs can support you, provide recommendations, and answer your questions whether you are trying to manage a chronic condition, lose or gain weight, optimize athletic performance or develop a personalized healthy eating routine.

What to Expect

We are a judgment free “zone” and we are dedicated to supporting and collaborating with you. The first appointment may be up to one hour in length, with follow-up visits being shorter. Before the first visit, you will be asked to complete a nutrition goals form. During the visit you’ll meet with the RDN and, with your consent, a nutrition student intern. After the visit, you’ll be asked to complete an evaluation form.

During most appointments a student intern will be in the appointment and, if you are interested, will contact you for continued support. After your initial appointment an action plan will be recommended including dietary information and recommendations for free follow-up visits. 

Call 303-615-9999 to schedule an appointment.

Join Beth Sandlin, Assistant Director Educational Services for the Health Center at Auraria, in this 30-minute Office Stretching Workshop. Learn and practice practical office stretches you can incorporate into your workday.

Wednesday, February 20; 12:30 p.m.
Plaza 211
Capacity: 20
Sign-Up Here

Stretching Reduces Fatigue

  • Stretching increases blood supply and nutrients to joint structures and soft tissues.
  • Stretching increases soft tissue temperature and allows for greater elasticity of tissues.
  • Stretching increases joint synovial fluid (lubricant for bones and articular cartilage) that allows greater range of motion and reduces joint degeneration.
  • Stretching increases a joint’s ability to move through a greater range of motion with less energy required to do so.
  • Stretching decreases tightness and resistance in tendons and muscles.

Stretching Improves Muscular Balance and Posture

  • Soft tissue structures often adapted poorly to effects of gravity and poor postural habits.
  • Stretching realigns soft tissue structures, thus reducing effort to achieve & maintain good posture in activities of daily living.

Stretching Improves Muscle Coordination

  • Stretching enhances nerve impulse velocity (the time it takes an impulse to travel to the brain and back to the muscle).
  • Stretching helps opposing muscle groups work in a more coordinated fashion.

For more information email Beth Sandlin.

Campus Recreation offers personal training with certified personal trainers for just $13-24 per 1-hour session.  NOTE: The membership requirement is waived for MSU Denver faculty and staff who are only participating in the personal training program.

Exercise Science offers a class for students to become Personal Trainers and are seeking clients for hands-on experience. For just $75 you can get 7 sessions and a pre- and post- assessment by 2 students.

 For more information about either opportunity visit Personal Training or contact Louie Morphew,

Join us for 20-minute* walks around campus. All walking levels welcome. Meet by the Post Office box in the front (west side) of Tivoli.

Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m.
Fridays at 2 p.m.

NOTE: walks are canceled if the weather is below 32 degrees or if it's actively raining.

*walk duration subject to group's availability and interests. The typical walking path takes about 20 minutes and is approximately 2500-3000 steps (depending on your personal gait)

If you have interest in organizing additional times, or have questions/comments please email Lisken Hays

Health benefits of walking

You carry your own body weight when you walk. This is known as weight-bearing exercise. Some of the benefits include:

  • increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness
  • reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improved management of conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes
  • stronger bones and improved balance
  • increased muscle strength and endurance
  • reduced body fat


We formed a band!


Next Gig: Staff Senate Picnic, Wednesday, June 19 11 a.m. (JSSB Lawn)


Meet the members:

Cory Phare – Vocals, Guitar
David Klein – Drums
Evan Bowles – Bass
Isaac Tubb – Trombone
Jake Beaudrie – Bass
John Babcock – Guitar
John Bosick – Vocals, Keyboard
Kevin Buchholz – Guitar
Liz Wellington – Vocals, Keyboard
Nels Grevstad – Banjo
Peter Schimpf – Drums
Troy Clark – Flute
Vince Werner – Guitar

Diane Yee – Manager
Dave Lamothe – Audio Engineer

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