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Camp Crowder

Blue/Red Poster of Camp Crowder

In June of 1944, the 10th Mountain Division transferred to Camp Swift, Texas. The WACs and the enlisted men in other units remained. They sensed that it was a matter of time before the post closed and they awaited their new assignments. The WAC detachment was not maintained, and the women were assigned to posts across the country. A large contingent arrived at Camp Crowder, Missouri, and another group went to the South Pacific.

The conditions at Camp Crowder were dramatically different than those from Camp Hale. The climate was hot and humid, making drill and calisthenics less pleasant. The WACs found the atmosphere less relaxed, more military, more regimented. In the estimation of the WACs reassigned there, it was not the special type of post that Camp Hale had been. They felt lucky that friends from Camp Hale were there with them.


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