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Your scholarship advisor will be able to meet with you via email, phone conversation, or Teams Meeting. Your advisor will be in contact with you via email on how to set up these options.

Scholarship Support & Retention

We provide scholarship support services which connect students to resources, foster community, and develop leadership for equitable college success, retention, and graduation outcomes.  Students who receive one of the scholarships listed below are assigned a scholarship support advisor who supports them in achieving their goals. Read below regarding Scholarship Support & Retention Program requirements.

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Scholars must meet the following requirements each fall and spring semester in order to remain in good standing with their scholarship program and the Scholarship Support & Retention Program:

  1. Individual Meeting: Schedule and attend an individual 30 minute meeting with a Scholar Support & Retention Program staff member within the first 4 weeks of classes. At your fall semester meeting, you will discuss your Student Academic Success Plan, sign your Scholar Support & Retention Program scholarship contract, and work on a plan to meet your individual goals. 

  2. Get Involved: Attend a Scholar Support & Retention Program Event OR participate in a Volunteer Activity. (You must complete one of each over the course of the academic year.)    

  3. Career EngagementParticipate in a Career Engagement event identified in collaboration with your scholarship advisor. 

  4. Attend a Campus Event, Utilize a Campus Resource, or Volunteer: Attend a campus event, utilize a campus resource, or volunteer as agreed upon with Scholar Support & Retention Program staff during your individual meeting. 

  5. General Scholarship Application: Complete your MSU Denver general scholarship application once a year. 
  • Complete any additional requirements as requested by Scholar Support & Retention program staff  

Check the MSU Denver Virtual Engagement site for other opportunities. 

What can Scholarship Support and Retention Do for me?

  • Connect students to a scholarship support advisor who will connect them to MSU Denver resources, identify strategies for success, and answer questions.  

  • Ensure students utilize MSU Denver resources proven to assist students in academic success and developing their leadership.  

Scholarships currently served by the Scholarship Support & Retention Program

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (

  • The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative through the Colorado Department of Higher Education supports MSU Denver through the Matching Student Scholarship, the Community Partner Program Displaced Worker grant, and through supporting the Denver Scholarship Foundation’s Community Partner Program Grant. 

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (Website(PDF) 

Reisher Scholarship Program (Website(2021 Reisher Application Flyer)

Denver Scholarship Foundation (Website) 

Daniels Scholarship Program (Website) 

GEAR UP (Website) 

Dream.US (Website) 





Your scholarship advisor will be able to meet with you via email, phone conversation, or Teams Meeting. 

Cary Aplin (Boundless Opportunity, Daniels, Reisher, COSI, J&D, Robinson); 303-605-5427 

To schedule an appointment use Microsoft Bookings, email, or call. 

Jason Doyle (Denver Scholarship Foundation, COSI, Gear Up); 303-605-5649 

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Fryda Faugier Ferreira (Denver Scholarship Foundation, COSI, Gear Up); 303-605-5891 

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call. 

Kirby Rising (Denver Scholarship Foundation, COSI, Gear Up); 303-605-7462

To schedule an appointment use SSC Navigate, email, or call.

Lauren Koppel (Bentley, Mapleton); 303-605-5419 

To schedule an appointment use Microsoft Bookings, email, or call. 

Jasmine Villalobos (Dream.US, DSF Leadership) 


To schedule an appointment use Microsoft Bookings, email or call. 

Stephanie Lopez  (DSF Leadership)

Gregor Mieder (Dream.US); 303-605-5390 

Estefani Pena-Figueroa (Dream.US); 303-605-7385 

Pablo Chavira Nieto (Dream.US); 303-605-7104

Kelly Findley (Financial Aid Advisor)  


Scholar Experience

cholarship Support & Retention fosters a community of scholars through leadership activities, scholar events, and professional development. All scholars will be invited to Scholarship Support & Retention wide events ranging from Coffee Chats, to hikes, to informational sessions on different campus programs. Opportunities do vary by scholarship so please read below to learn more about various opportunities. 

Students sitting on bench and talking


  • DSF Leadership is an opportunity for leadership, social, and emotional support for DSF Scholars at MSU Denver.  Participants utilize campus resources, participate in DSF Leadership Program Workshops & events, and receive peer mentoring.  

  • Our Program Mission: “Our mission is to provide students with educational and professional workshops through leadership development”.

  • Program Elements include:
    • A cohesive extension of DSF scholar experience
    • DSF Leadership workshops/events
    • Peer/Faculty Mentoring
    • DSF Leadership Advisory Board
    • Professional Development Funds
    • Alternative Break Program
    • Colorado Leadership Alliance
  • Interested in learning more or joining the Leadership Program email us at 


  • Alternative Break Program (ABP) exposes students to complex social and cultural issues through service, experiential learning, group discussion, and personal reflection. These are great educational opportunities for students to gain a deeper insight of social issues and become well-informed citizens.? The Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) Leadership Program, Dream.US and the Reisher Scholarship fund host annual Alternative Break Programs.

  • To learn more about the Alernative Break Program check out the video below!

The Dream.US Scholarship

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