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Peer Mentoring at MSU Denver


The Peer Mentor program helps MSU Denver students achieve their best self, by providing academic and social support. The Peer Mentors are knowledgeable on all the resources available on campus and will connect students to what they need. With a full year of college under their belt peer mentors can help MSU Denver students get through college successfully.


Some of the highlights of engaging with your Peer Mentor: 

  • Opportunity to interact and network with other students
  • Personalized help with connecting to Advising, Career Services, and Faculty
  • Peer support and mentoring
  • Enhanced academic and social opportunities
  • Greater involvement in campus engagement
  • Exciting activities and service opportunities

Bi-weekly Peer Mentoring Announcements

The Peer Mentors upload bi-weekly announcements on their Youtube channel. Check out their videos via the link below:

Peer Mentoring Events

Students walking on campus

Meet the Peer Mentors

Rowdy giving a student a high-five

Measures of Success

Students sitting at a table working on assignments

Peer Mentor Staff

A picture of the Jordan Student Success Building

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