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About the Industry Partnerships Team

Our Mission

Engage industry, campus, and community stakeholders in mutually beneficial experiences to provide students with robust, career-focused opportunities.

Our Vision

EVERY MSU Denver student has equitable access to pursue their career ambitions through purposeful employer engagement, programs and opportunities.

Connect with MSU Denver

Our Industry Navigators are here to help connect you with many opportunities throughout the MSU Denver campus.

Talent Pipeline

Participate in recruiting events and post opportunities for jobs, internships, service learning and volunteering.

Case Study: Lockheed Martin Co-op Program

Students work full-time in the summer and flexible hours during fall and spring in areas such as 3D-printing, electronics and spacecraft testing. The program gives students more responsibility than most internships by fully integrating them into the team. The outcome: 80% of participants are hired full-time when they graduate.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Build a more diverse and inclusive work environment by investing in top talent and accessing equity resources that support diversity recruitment.

Case Study: FirstBank Graduate Assistantship

Colorado-based FirstBank funded a position at MSU Denver to help provide support and career opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. The graduate assistant oversees equity programming, mentors students, and promotes FirstBank opportunities
Branding and Partnership

Advertise and engage students through mentoring, guest lecturing, scholarships and student services. Collaborate with faculty experts on research and assessment projects.

Case Study: Tivoli Brewing Co. Partnership

Frequent campus collaborator Tivoli Brewing Co. hosted a Veterans Day event with specially brewed beers and donated part of the proceeds to MSU Denver’s Veteran and Military Student Emergency Scholarship Fund.

Professional Learning and Development

Develop your employees with certificates, undergraduate degrees, master’s programs and continuing education.

Case Study: Skills Lab

The University launched its virtual Skills Lab to help people learn new skills in growth industries – for free. Working with industry leaders, MSU Denver curated existing technical courses with new faculty-created trainings in areas such as e-commerce, cybersecurity and health services.

   Staff  Industry Areas

Photo of Maluwa

Maluwa Behringer

  • Education

Photo of Alyssa

Alyssa Marks
Associate Director

  • Advocacy, Human & Social Services 

Photo of Cathy

Cathy Hehr
Industry Navigator

  • Business Operations
  • Financial Services

Photo of Mark

Mark Isenburg
Industry Navigator

  • Arts, Communication, Media & Design
  • Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Hospitality
  • Law & Politics
  • Defense and Homeland Security 

Photo of Time

Tim Meeks
Associate Director

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Energy & Natural Resources
Photo of Ally Verenis 

Ally Verenis 
Industry Navigator

  • Electronics
  • Technology & Information 
Photo of Leah McFail  Leah McFail 
Industry Navigator 
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food & Agriculture

Photo of Ruby

Ruby Matheny
Industry Navigator

  • Health & Wellness
  • Bio Science

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