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Student Organizations

Accounting Student Organization (ASO)

President: Lilyana Frayre Email:

Vice President: Dustin Schmidt Email:

Chair Vice President: Laetitia Vivier Email:

Treasurer: Chatam Wu Email:

Chair Treasurer: Tina Trela Email:

Communications: Katelyn Dutil  Email:

Chair Communications: Sumesh Tripathi Email:

Recorder: Cory Weaver Email:

Chair Recorder: Pao Vang Email:

Event Coordinator: Kai Syliece Email:

Faculty Advisor: James Murphy Email:

Students of Business

President: Rachael Moore  Email:
Vice President: John Sullivan
Treasurer: Jay Allen Email:
Secretary: Taylor V. Ryan email:
CO-President:  Brandon Ice
Primary Advisor: Eric Blomfelt Email:

Our Purpose: MSU Denver Students of Business is a registered student organization that  provides interdisciplinary learning opportunities for MSU Denver business students through frequent interaction with fellow students, outstanding faculty and guest speakers from various business communities.

Student Marketing Associates (S.M.A.)

President: John Johnston

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregory S. Black 



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