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MSU Denver is offering an RTD CollegePass on an opt-in basis for the spring 2021 semester. The deadline to opt-in for the semester is Jan. 29, 2021

Currently, enrolled students can pay $115 for RTD access this semester, with access expiring June 30, 2021. The fee will be added to the tuition bill for students who opt-in. After opting in, students will receive an email about when to pick up their pass at the Tivoli ID Station.

If students don’t opt-in by Jan. 29, they will not have access to this student rate this semester and will not be charged any RTD fee this semester.

Students must enroll and opt-in by completing the institutional enrollment form online. To log in, use your NetID (that's the first part of your student email) and your Student Hub password. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTD College Pass? 

The RTD College Pass provides students with a discounted pass for unlimited use of the Regional Transportation District’s light rail and/or bus line. The current opt-in for spring 2021 will provide a pass valid through June 30, 2021. 

Will I be able to opt into the RTD Pass after Jan. 29? 

No, if you do not opt-in by Jan. 29, 2021, you will not be issued an RTD pass and will not have access to the student rate for the semester. 

How do I pick up my pass?

Passes will be available for pickup at Tivoli Station beginning Jan. 18 at the earliest. Students can pick up passes three business days after completing the institutional enrollment form online (Jan. 18 at the earliest).

For students with an existing Campus ID (or those who have submitted a photo online and received a confirmation email), passes will be available for pickup on the second floor of the Tivoli Student Union, immediately adjacent to the second-floor entrance to the Tivoli Station bookstore. A current Campus ID is required and must be physically presented at the time of RTD CollegePass pickup.

Students without an existing Campus ID will have to come to the first floor of Tivoli Station to have their photo taken, and the card produced.

Will my financial aid cover the fee? 

If you opt-in prior to the disbursement of financial aid for the semester – Jan. 9, 2021 – financial aid can be used to cover the expense in most cases. If you opt-in after the disbursement date, you may be financially responsible for the fee.

If I do not pay the fee, will I still be able to register for Summer/Fall of 2021? 

If your account balance stays below the threshold for a Balance Due hold, you will still be able to register for classes. Please consult the current term policy for information about the current account balance that will trigger a Balance Due hold. 

What do I do if I can’t afford the fee? 

You are financially responsible for the fee, but MSU Denver is committed to supporting our students, and there may be resources available to you. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to our Student Care Center at 303-615-0006 to discuss possible options with our Care Team staff. 

Will I have late fees if I don’t pay the fee immediately? 

You will not accrue late fees on this charge; however, it will be referred to collections if the charge is left delinquent on the account according to the standard Bursar schedule. More information can be found within the current term policy

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