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Payment Plan FAQ 


Question: How does a payment plan work at MSU Denver?  

Answer: MSU Denver is offering students a convenient installment payment plan for all eligible students. For a small enrollment fee of $35.00, the payment plan at MSU Denver will divide your total tuition and fees for semester into several equal payments. The payment plan will vary from a minimum of 2 months or more, depending on when you enrollThe earlier you enroll, the more time you will have to pay for your tuition, and the smaller your payments are going to be. See our Payment Plan Enrollment Information for more details.  


Question: Can I waive the $35.00 enrollment fee?  

Answer: No, the enrollment fee is charged for every payment plan you enroll in (typically you will only be allowed to enroll into one payment plan per semester). The fee is non-refundable, even if you later decide to withdraw or default on the payment plan.  


Question: When are payment plans available?  

Answer: Payment plans will usually be available two months prior to the semester Census DateYou must enroll by the closing date to be eligible for a payment plan. See our for more information.  


Question: Do I qualify to enroll in a payment plan through my Student Hub?  

Answer: All current students are qualified to enroll in a payment plan online for the current semester if they have satisfied all past due financial obligations. Students who do not qualify to enroll into a payment plan online: 

  • Students not currently enrolled (students who owe a previous balance may qualify for Administrative Payment Plan. Please call Office of the Bursar at 303-615-0070 to find out if you are eligible). 
  • Students in collections.
  • Students who are registered for current term, but failed to sign up for a payment plan by the cutoff (final payment plan enrollment) date


Question: How do I enroll in a payment plan online?  

Answer: If you are eligible, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your Student Hub ( 
  2. Click on Pay Tuition tile (log in). 
  3. On the left-hand side, click on “Payment Plans” button.  
  4. Click on the “View payment plan options” button (you may need to scroll down a bit to locate it).  
  5. Select your payment plan option. 
  6. Review payment plan details, check the "I Agree" checkbos, and enter your electronic signature. Click "Continue". 
  7. Enter your payment information to pay for the $35 enrollment fee and complete enrollment. 
    1. Check your student email for payment plan confirmation notice. 
  8. You may also enroll into "Auto Pay" and/or save your method of payment (Optional).


Question: Can I set up Automatic Payments?  

Answer: Absolutely! You will be encouraged to set up convenient automatic payments during the process of enrolling into a payment plan. If enrolling in an automatic payment plan, payments will be automatically deducted from your designated checking, savings or credit card on the posted due date in accordance with the Auto Pay Authorization that you provide. If you didn't have a chance to set up automatic payments during the time of enrolling into a payment plan, you will still have a chance to set it up later. 


Question: Can I cancel Automatic Payments?  

Answer: You may withdraw your authorization and cancel deductions for automatic payments at any time by logging into the student payment portal and follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your current payment plan (you can do so by clicking Payment Plans button on the left side, and selecting your currnt plan on the page).
  • Next to a payment plan title, you will see a menu button. Click on the menu button and select "View auto pay" option.
  • Scroll down and select "Cancel auto pay" button
  • Confirm your cancellation by selecting "Cancel auto pay" button on the pop-up window. 

Please refer to the Auto Pay Authorization for more information about auto pay. 


Question: What if I am late on a payment?  

Answer: If any installment payment is not received within 15 calendar days after its due date, you will be assessed a late fee of $10.00. Please note that declined attempts for credit card or ACH charges or returned checks may result in late fees if the payments are not received by the due date. Fees for insufficient or uncollected funds (returned items or paid items) will be charged in the amount of $25.00. These fees are assessed when you make a payment above what is available in your designated financial account. 


Question: What happens if my balance increases or decreases while I am on a payment plan?  


  • If your total tuition balance decreased while you were on a payment plan, the payment plan will be adjusted automatically, and your payments are going to be re-distributed based on your reduced balance.  
  • If you make adjustments to your class schedule, or any other changes take place on your student account resulting in an increase in your total amount due, you may be given the option to enroll in a new tuition payment plan that incorporates payments due under the original payment plan. You must visit your student payment portal (Cashnet) to consolidate your payments under the new payment plan. If you choose to consolidate, the original plan will be cancelled. If you choose to continue with the original payment plan, you will still be responsible to pay the balance which wasn’t included in the payment plan as stated in the Financial Responsibility Agreement and our Current Term Policies. 


Question: How can I cancel/withdraw from my payment plan?  

Answer: You have the right to cancel the payment plan, without penalty, at any time. If you choose to cancel, all amounts owed to Metropolitan State University of Denver will be due immediately per the published deadlines for the semester. If those deadlines have passed, payment in full is due immediately. Please contact the Office of the Bursar for further information on how to cancel your plan. 


Question: What if I default on a payment plan?  

Answer: If you fail to make two (2) or more installment payments, you will be dropped from the payment plan and all amounts will be due to Metropolitan State University of Denver in accordance with the published deadlines for the semester. If those deadlines have passed, payment in full is due immediately. 

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