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Fall 2020 Policy

Student Financial Responsibility and Our Collection Policy

 It is important for you to understand your financial responsibilities when registering for classes at MSU Denver.

  • Full payment of tuition and fees is due by payment deadline, Friday, August 14, 2020.   Any unpaid balance will incur a 4% service charge. Please see the Fall 2020 Important Dates and Deadlines publication for more information. You may choose to pay throughout the semester, however, please keep in mind that any unpaid balance will be subject to a service charge on the 7th working day of each month. 
  • You are responsible for verifying the balance of tuition and fees. You may access your account at Log into the Student Hub  portal and select My Services/Registration. DO NOT WAIT FOR A BILL, but don't hesitate to contact our office if you need one.
  • Financial aid students without an award by payment deadline, must pay in full or unpaid balance will incur a 4% service charge.
  • Changes in registration that result in additional tuition and fees not paid by payment deadline, may incur a 4% service charge.
  • IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO DROP THEIR CLASSES BY THE PUBLISHED DROP DEADLINES IF THEY DO NOT PLAN TO ATTEND.  Failure to do so will result in charges incurred on the student’s account.
  • Your courses will not be dropped for non-payment or non-attendance.
  • Specific refund dates for classes, can be found on your Student Detail Schedule on the Student Hub.

If you do not fulfill your financial obligations by published deadlines:

  • A 4% service charge will be assessed on any unpaid balance after payment deadline, Friday, August 14, 2020.
  • A 1.5% service charge will be assessed to any unpaid balance on the 7th working day of each month thereafter.
  • Accounts not paid in full by October 12, 2020, are considered past due. A balance due hold will be placed on those accounts with balances greater than $2000.00.
  • Past-due accounts may not have balances greater than $2000.00 or registration will not be permitted for a new semester.
  • Accounts with past due balances at the conclusion of a Semester are considered delinquent.
  • Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency in accordance with Colorado law, and collection fees of up to 40% will be added to your account balance. The collection agency may report delinquent accounts to the national credit bureau.
  • Transcripts will not be issued for students with an outstanding balance.
  • Diplomas will not be released to students with an outstanding balance.

Registration Contract

It is important that your know about your financial responsibility in relation to MSU Denver even before you register for classes. Students electronically sign the Financial Responsibility and Promissory Note Agreement (FRA) every time they enroll into a class. The official FRA statement can be found at our Registration Contract page. 


COVID-19 Notice - 2020-2021 Academic Year


As we prepare for the upcoming academic year, the challenges and uncertainty for delivering course content remain in this COVID-19 environment.  The University intends to provide academic courses through a variety of formats, including hybrid, remote and online.  Since unanticipated circumstances at any time could affect the ability to deliver course content in a particular manner, the University reserves the right to modify the delivery method for course content for the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.  Irrespective of the delivery format, the University’s competitive tuition and course fee structure shall remain the same for academic courses, consistent with published University tuition and fee schedules.  There will be no refund or reduction on tuition or course fees, since the University will be providing a full semester of instruction and awarding full academic credit to those who satisfactorily fulfill course requirements.


 Third-party sponsorships

MSU Denver plays a major role in educating Denver’s workforce. As a business-friendly university, MSU Denver offers a convenient way for businesses and public sector organizations to subsidize the cost of attendance.

To participate in this program:

  1. Print the Sponsorship Authorization Form
  2. Have a human resource officer or other authorized representative from your company complete the form
  3. Mail form to:

    Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Office of the Bursar
    Campus Box 92
    P.O. Box 173362
    Denver, CO 80217-3362

Third-party Sponsor Authorization Forms must be turned into the Office of the Bursar by Friday, August 14, 2020Sponsored students are responsible for all service charges incurred due to late submission of required documents. Sponsored students are also responsible for all charges not covered by their sponsorship as well as any payments refused, or deemed non-collectable, by their sponsor. Third-party sponsors will not be billed for tuition and fees until after the last date to add/drop classes. If you have financial aid, your award will be applied to your tuition and fees first and refunds from third-party sponsors will not be issued until after payment has been received.


Tuition and Fee Appeal Process

The Tuition and Fee appeal process is available to students who may warrant an exception to institutional Withdrawal/Refund policies due to extenuating circumstances such as severe medical illness, an employment situation beyond their control or the death of an immediate family member. The University will not accept appeals for charges incurred more than 1 year prior to the application for appeal. Additional information can be obtained at the Office of the Bursar (SSB 150, 303-615-0070).

Tuition and Fees Appeal Forms should be submitted online: 

Undergraduate: Undergraduate Tuition and Fees Appeal

Graduate: Graduate Tuition and Fees Appeal

If you have any questions about the appeal process or status, feel free to contact our office:


Metropolitan State University of Denver
Office of the Bursar
Campus Box 92
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362

Note: All policies are subject to change. Exceptions may be made solely at the discretion of the Office of the Bursar.

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