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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See some of the most commonly asked questions of the Budget Office below. Don't see your question? Feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page!

When in banner using the detail transaction activity screen, what is the difference between BD01, BD02 and BD03?

BD01 is base budget that rolls from year to year.

BD02 is base budget added in current fiscal year.

BD03 is onetime (non-base) budget that is for the current fiscal year and will not roll to the next year.

For example, a department contributed $5,000 onetime budget to the Martin Luther King event to help with their service project, the $5,000 will show in banner as BD03.

When can I complete a budget transfer?

You can complete a budget transfer any time of the year between any two 1000 fund’s.

For example, a department would like to contribute to the NOEL event on campus.  They can email their fiscal manager and request a onetime budget transfer.  They must give the amount and FOAP the budget is transferred from and the FOAP the budget is transferred to.  The department’s budget will remain the same from year to year.

If a department would like to permanently move base budget from their OCE account code to the student hourly code, they can email their fiscal manager and request a permanent base budget transfer.  The base budget transfer will then be permanent from year to year.  Also, if a department has multiple organization codes they can move base budget permanently from one org to another if they feel one org is more active than another.

Should I do a budget transfer if I need to split an expense?

No.  You can pay an invoice or expense with a corporate card and then have your reconciler split the transaction in the Wells Fargo Commercial Portal.  If it is a check request, you can include a split FOAP.

For example, your department is splitting the cost of advertising with the Equal Opportunity Office.  Equal opportunity can use their corporate card to pay for the advertising and provide the reconciler with two FOAPS to charge.  Your department is splitting the cost of a membership with another department, both FOAPS can be typed on the check request and sent to Accounts payable.


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