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University name use

To best ensure continued strength of the MSU Denver brand, it is paramount to refer to the University consistently when mentioned in text and oral communication. Since its inception in 1965, the operative word “Metropolitan” within the University’s name is what sets it apart from other universities and, in particular, Colorado. Through the school's 50-plus-year history, the word “Metropolitan” has become synonymous with the University (formerly College) and its core values. It has become synonymous with attributes such as inclusivity, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and excellence in education and service. Through the course of the school's history, all constituents of the University, including alumni, students, faculty and staff, have lovingly referred to the University as “Metro” and/or "Metro State.”

In 2012, the University received its status as such (from that of College) and an initiative followed to reinforce the newly acquired university status. The name was officially changed from “Metropolitan State College of Denver” to "Metropolitan State University of Denver,” and consequently, a new moniker was needed to reflect the newly acquired status. To satisfy this initiative, “MSU Denver” has become the approved and preferred abbreviated nomenclature when referencing the University.

Mentioning in text

When mentioned in text, the University name should be spelled out in its full legal name, “Metropolitan State University of Denver” on first reference per application. After its first reference, the University may be referred to as “MSU Denver” or as “the University.” On applications that do not require a degree of formality, such as T-shirts and pens, the abbreviated “MSU Denver” may be used without need for prior full-name reference.

For official documents, the full name “Metropolitan State University of Denver” must be displayed. A contractual agreement with a neighboring university prohibits the words “University of Denver” appearing alone on their own line when referencing this University.

Mentioning in oral communication

MSU Denver relies on your passion for its support to ensure continued strength of our brand recognition. When mentioned in oral communication, the approved reference to the University is “MSU Denver.” Old habits are hard to break, but when you say “MSU Denver," you reinforce our deserved status as a University, make clear our roots in Denver and provide a great example to others.

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