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ADA Compliancy

How to make your social-media content ADA-compliant


Facebook Photos

Facebook uses automatic alt text with object-recognition technology to provide a visual description of a photo for visually impaired peopleYou can replace this text to provide a better description of a photo. Keep in mind that this description will be read only if someone is using a screen reader to access Facebook. You can edit alt text only on a computer or iOS device.


First, make sure your Twitter profile has the alt-text setting enabled. To do that, head to “Settings and Privacy,” then click on “Accessibility.”  

From there, make sure the “Compose image descriptions” box is checked.  

 Twitter Alt Text Section

When you add photos to posts, you’ll see a black box that says “Add description” appear as soon as you choose the photo you want.  

Fill that out whenever you write a tweet, and let people know what’s going on in the image or graphic. 

It is also important to add a website link to posts with text-heavy images so that all information on the image is available. 


When posting a photo to Instagram, once you get to the caption prompts (after editing your photo), click on “Advanced Settings” at the very bottom of the screen. From here, you can write alt text under the “Accessibility” option.  

You’re also able to edit the Instagram photo after it’s posted by tapping the “...” in the upper right corner of the published photo, selecting “Edit” and “Aa Add Alt Text.” 

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