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Global Email Policy

MSU Denver's Global Email Policy is designed to help foster more effective, efficient communication throughout the University.

“Global email” refers to the University’s all-employee and all-student email lists — MSU Denver’s official means of communication — from which faculty, staff and students cannot unsubscribe. Because membership to these lists is mandatory, with no way to opt out of receiving messages, access and permission to use the lists is limited to authorized administrative offices (see below).

"Discussion lists" refers to another option for departments to communicate their messages. Any official MSU Denver organization or department can request that IT Services create a discussion list, which allows members to reply to messages they receive, thereby promoting greater dialogue and discussion.

The Policy Statement will help you determine how to best communicate your message to the MSU Denver community.

Contact the IT Services Help Desk for more information about creating a discussion list.

Contact the office of Strategy, Marketing and Communications with other questions.





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