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What is a brand?

A brand is much more than our name, logo and colors. It is how we want the market to perceive us when they think of MSU Denver, hear our name or see our logo. A brand is also a promise of what we stand for, what we offer and what makes MSU Denver different from the competition.

Why brand consistency is important

The more consistent a brand looks, feels and sounds, the more dependable, reliable and recognizable it becomes over time. Within MSU Denver ensuring consistent look, feel and voice across all MSU Denver departments, programs and offices will strengthen the power and impact of our brand over time. Even if we’re all speaking to different audiences, a compelling, unified brand narrative will help MSU Denver attract and retain students, cultivate donors and community partnerships, and foster an active, engaged student and alumni community.

Our brand platform

Our brand platform is the foundation for our unique brand voice, look and feel as an institution. The MSU Denver Brand Platform consists of a positioning statement, promise, moniker, messages and descriptors designed to describe what makes MSU Denver unique and relevant to our audiences. To build a consistent and cohesive brand, we encourage all departments, programs and units to familiarize themselves with the MSU Denver brand platform and to incorporate it into your strategy, marketing and communications. 

Our brand moniker: Reimagine Possible

Our new moniker, Reimagine Possible, reflects MSU Denver’s unique spirit, purpose and value as a leading public university in our state – one that has been reimagining what’s possible in higher education since its inception. The moniker also serves as a call to action for all MSU Denver stakeholders including current and prospective students, faculty, staff, donors, employers and elected officials to reimagine what’s possible together to advance lives, opportunity and Colorado today and into the future.

Our brand promise

Our brand promise is a value or experience that all stakeholders can expect to receive every time they interact with MSU Denver. Everything we do and say demonstrates this promise.

We are reimagining what’s possible to advance lives, opportunity and Colorado.

Positioning statement

A market-positioning statement clearly articulates who we are, what makes us different, how we do it and why it matters.

As one of Colorado’s leading public universities, MSU Denver is reimagining what’s possible in higher education through the power of access, excellence, inclusion, innovation and collaboration to advance lives, opportunity and Colorado.

Our three overarching brand messages

We’re reimagining opportunity

By ensuring access to excellent, high-value higher education that advances economic and social mobility, we are reimagining what’s possible through opportunity.


We’re reimagining excellence

Our renowned faculty, award-winning programs, notable alumni and blended focus on arts, humanities, civic engagement and career preparation are reimagining what is possible through excellence.


We’re reimagining innovation

Our industry- and civic-minded programs, pathways and partnerships, wide range of relevant degree programs and urban-enriched, inclusive culture are reimagining what is possible through innovation.

Our brand essence

We will reflect these four qualities across everything we say and do:


Our brand personality traits

Brand traits are the essential personality of an organization. They represent how we feel and act internally and externally. They should guide the tone and attitude of all communications.


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