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University logo minimum sizing

Our University logo is available in three formats. This provides optimal logo display within the space provided per application. The components within these formats are in a fixed size and spatial relation to one another and should not be altered. The vertical format is preferred and should be displayed wherever practical, provided that the available display area permits sufficient size for the logo.

MSU Denver logo minimum sizing.

The minimum size to be displayed is 1 half-inch (12.7mm, 36 pixels) as measured from the width of the Roadrunner Symbol.


How to correctly use MSU Denver's name.If a visual representation of the University is needed but the display area does not permit sufficient logo sizing, you may display the University name in upper- and lowercase, or in all caps. It must be typeset in one of the typefaces from our approved type families, Univers, Gotham or Century Schoolbook, and must appear in one color. Contact Strategy, Marketing and Communications for approval of any typeface substitutions.

How not to use MSU Denver's name with different colors.DO NOT display the University name in a two-color solution in an effort to mimic the appearance of the University logo.

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