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University logo (parent)

Our University logo embodies the essence of our core values. From students, to faculty and staff and how we represent ourselves to our external audiences, the MSU Denver brand stands for diversity, tenacity and inclusivity, each with an entrepreneurial spirit. The Roadrunner Symbol (see University Roadrunner History) alludes to the University’s humble beginnings, when students and faculty had to traverse the streets of downtown Denver, dodging traffic, to attend classes located in multiple buildings. The University adopted “Roadrunners” as its mascot in 1977, and today’s Roadrunner Symbol pays homage to the University’s history and its spirit of tenacity.

When to use:

The University logo should be displayed on collateral that represents the University as a whole. Additionally, any touchpoint whose intended audiences are those not likely to already be familiar with the University should display this full-name brand identity.

The diagram below identifies the various components of our University logo. Each component is named for reference ease. These components are in a fixed size and spatial relation to one another and should not be altered.

University Logo

MSU Denver logo element size percentage.

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