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Roadrunner Symbol

The MSU Denver Roadrunner Symbol (the Symbol), in limited instances and with approval from Strategy, Marketing and Communications, may be displayed as a stand-alone graphic identifier. These instances typically include display on Athletics apparel and gear. Merchandise that merits a degree of informality may also potentially display the Symbol alone. Approval from Strategy, Marketing and Communications must first be obtained prior to its use.

The Roadrunner Symbol should not be displayed in lieu of the University logo on applications that require a degree of formality such as University stationery and legal documents. Additionally, the Symbol should not be displayed in lieu of the Monogram logo on applications where a less formal appearance is desired. Wherever practical, it is preferred to display the Monogram logo (which includes the “MSU Denver” logotype) over the stand-alone Roadrunner Symbol.

To avoid inadvertent tilting when used as a stand-alone graphic, the outermost left and right points of the Symbol are horizontally aligned to each other. This built-in feature ensures its level display.

 MSU Denver Roadrunner Symbol element identification

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