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Academic department/program logo

Academic programs reside within academic departments. Both reside within their respective colleges (or schools). For visual consistency, a brand-identity system is established to easily construct University-approved logos as new academic departments and programs become officially offered through the University.

The diagram below indicates the size and spatial relationship of the logo components.

To obtain University-approved logo artwork for your respective academic department or program, contact Strategy, Marketing and Communications.

Academic Department/Program Logos

MSU Denver academic department logo percentage measurements


The academic department/program name is typeset in Univers 67 Bold Condensed, upper and lower case. Its point size is 67% of the height of the “M” in the University Logotype. The leading (line spacing) is 120% of its point size.

Lengthy Academic Department/Program Names

What to do with the MSU Denver logo if the department or program name exceeds the three-character threshold.

The display of the academic department/program name may exceed the right edge of the University Logotype by (up to) three characters. Names exceeding this parameter should break naturally between words onto two or more lines.

If it is necessary to break the academic department/program name onto two or more lines, the name is typeset flush left, ragged right with leading that is 120% of its point size. Readability should help influence the best solution when determining between which words the name should break.

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