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Abbreviated logo

The MSU Denver Abbreviated logo serves as an abbreviated display alternative to our University logo (which displays the University’s full name). Its succinct visual signal with easy memory recall helps build brand awareness in a multitude of applications. Additionally, the Abbreviated logo helps promote the preferred abbreviated University name “MSU Denver” orally and in text. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for display on a wide variety of marketing collateral, including athletics apparel.

When displaying the Abbreviated logo on print and web applications that include content, the full University name must be spelled out on its first reference. Subsequent references may use “MSU Denver.” In print and web applications that have minimal or no content, displaying a copyright notice serves to identify the University in its proper full name. Copyright notices should appear as follows: © 2019 Metropolitan State University of Denver. All rights reserved.

Applications that do not require a degree of formality, such as apparel, pens, small-imprint-area items and other casual-use tchotchkes, may display the Abbreviated logo without inclusion of the full University name elsewhere on the same item.

Applications that require a degree of formality, such as University stationery and legal documents, must display the full-name University logo. DO NOT display the Abbreviated logo on these items.

Abbreviated logo

MSU Denver abbreviated logo showing logo element height

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