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Brand identities

The University’s Brand Architecture creates a logo hierarchy for MSU Denver entities. This hierarchy ensures the strength of the MSU Denver brand by positioning departments and other units in a subsidiary role to the overall brand. This allows departments and other units to ride the coattails of the larger brand while being clear to the public, which will interact with several University entities. The first diagram below shows the relationships in the logo hierarchy. The table below that describes the appropriate use of each logo.

Did you know?

All persons with an email address have access to MSU Denver logos on the internal Marketing Toolkit SharePoint site. External requests can be made via the service request form.

Client services


Metropolitan State University of Denver full logo


University logo (parent)

The University logo should be displayed on collateral that represents the University as a whole. Additionally, any touchpoint whose intended audiences are those not likely to already be familiar with the University should display this full-name brand identity.


MSU Denver Seal


University Seal

The University Seal is reserved for Board of Trustees official communications and official University documents, such as: diplomas, certificates, transcripts and Commencement-ceremony collateral.


MSU Denver abbreviated logo


Abbreviated logo

The abbreviated logo may be displayed on a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: facility signage, marketing collateral, informal (or casual) merchandise such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, tchotchkes, athletics-related items and a multitude of other branded touchpoints.


MSU Denver logo Roadrunner head icon


Roadrunner Symbol

The MSU Denver Roadrunner Symbol (the Symbol), in limited instances and with approval from Strategy, Marketing and Communications, may be displayed as a stand-alone graphic identifier. These instances typically include display on athletics apparel and informal merchandise.


MSU Denver Champions logo


Affinity entities

Affinity entities are those whose high-level initiatives serve to advance the University as a whole in internal and external communities.

Affinity entities may be displayed on collateral that is specific to marketing efforts such as PowerPoint®, invitations, email headers and other materials.


MSU Denver's Office of Admissions logo.


University Support entities


Display University Support entity logos on collateral that is specific to their service or function.


MSU Denver's South Campus logo.


Satellite Locations


Display Satellite Location logos on collateral that is specific to its location.


MSU Denver College of Business logo


College entities

Display College-Level logos on marketing collateral that represents the college as a whole. For department- or program-specific collateral, it is preferred to display the Department-Level (or Program-Level) logo, which displays the department name in a fixed relationship to the University logo, so as to maintain a strong tie back to the overall University.


MSU Denver logo International Business logo


Department and Program entities

Display Department- and Program-Level logos on respective marketing collateral that represents their department or program.


MSU Denver Roadrunners logo


Athletics entities

Athletics entities are allowed unique branding to represent the team spirit of the University. As opposed to other MSU Denver logos, Roadrunners and the Roadrunner Symbol are given prominence over the University name to allow Athletics entities a more informal appearance.


MSU Denver's Center for Visual Art logo


Industry-positioned entities

Industry-positioned entities are unique centers and/or programs offered through the University, therefore meriting their own custom branding. Each entity is assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that its brand identity is expressed accurately and to positively represent MSU Denver's commitment to its surrounding communities.


MSU Denver's One World One Water logo



Partner/Co-brand entities, from both private and public sectors, are represented with combined branding from MSU Denver and its partner. Partner/Co-brand entity logos may visually depict equal partnership, partner lead, MSU Denver lead or both partners supporting a third Feature entity.


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