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MSU Denver Brand Certification Program

Research shows that presenting a consistent brand identity is critical to strengthening an organization’s brand and reputation over time. As MSU Denver’s reputation continues to grow, it is more important than ever to consistently promote the excellence and innovation for which we are recognized. Having a bold, unified brand will assist MSU Denver with everything from recruitment and retention to fundraising, partnerships and more.

The MSU Denver Brand Certification Program will equip and ‘certify’ faculty and staff with the tips, tools and talking points to effectively promote the MSU Denver brand internally and externally — ensuring we are consistently ‘singing from the same songbook.’ The Foundational Brand Training will serve as a primer to our new brand platform and advertising campaign. It will give participants a fundamental understanding of our brand messaging, brand identity and ways to create more brand consistency across the University. These trainings will also help collect stories and interesting facts about MSU Denver departments, offices and areas that could be leveraged in future advertising and storytelling efforts.

Who Should Attend?

As MSU Denver faculty and staff, we are each on the front lines of the University and are each brand ambassadors. Every time we meet with a student, teach a class or interact with someone in the community, we have an opportunity to opportunity to share the value of MSU Denver. Therefore, we encourage all members of our departments, programs and units to attend these trainings and become MSU Denver brand certified.

Sign Up Today!

Brand Certification Training will begin in July in preparation for the launch of

MSU Denver’s new advertising campaign. All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

For more information please contact Johanna Snow at (303) 605-5828 or

   Brand Certified Email Signature

What a Let the University know that you're Brand Certified with this new email signature. Your electronic communications will intrigue others to become Brand Certified and inform your external audience about MSU Denver's refreshed brand. 

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