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MSU Denver Community Engagement

MSU Denver has always been of the city, not just in the city. Since early on, we have been “an urban college… not just to teach city people, but to teach people for the benefit of the city.” (President Ken Phillips, 1969). Our strategic plan goals reflect our diverse engagement in and commitment to the community.

Theme I, Goal 3:

MSU Denver graduates are civic-minded and ready to meet career and/or graduate school expectations.

Theme II Community Engagement and Regional Scholarship:

As Colorado’s urban university, we will transform metropolitan Denver’s urban communities.

Theme II, Goal 1:

MSU Denver is sought after by Colorado’s public, private and nonprofit sectors as a partner in addressing and solving community problems.


How you can help

  • Please include your community involvement in Digital Measures by reporting all of the great work you already do in and with the community.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to, K-12 partnerships, other institutions of higher education, service learning classes, athletics, student organizations, community based research, public interest design, Roadrunners Give Back Day, activities surrounding the arts, and any civic engagement activities in Denver and our surrounding region.
  • Visit the FAQ page for more information.

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