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Academic Advising: Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Learn about temporary changes to Academic Advising while Covid-19 safety precautions are in place. Your advisors have not changed, but methods for making appointments and meeting have.

Advising by Subject Areas

Faculty Advisors

Advising AreaOfficePhoneEmail

Baxendale, Bill, Ph.D.

 Botany, Horticulture,  Pre-Dental

SI 2047


Bissell, Erin, Ph.D.

 Botany, Genetics

SI 2066


Carello, Christy, Ph.D.

 Animal Behavior,  Ecology, Wildlife  Biology, Zoology SI 2046 303-556-3673

Church, Cindy, Ph.D.  Zoology SI 2037


Clippinger, Norm, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Zoology SI 2064 303-556-3192

Ferrell, Rebecca, Ph.D.

 Genetics,  Microbiology,  Microbial Ecology,  Midwifery, Nursing SI 2033 303-556-4764

Gagliardi-Seeley, Jennifer, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Wildlife  Biology SI 2041 303-352-7015

Hancock, Robert, Ph.D.  Entomology, Animal  Behavior, Zoology SI 2044

Hays, Clare, D.V.M.  Pre-Veterinary, Pre-  Dental, Pre-Medical,  Pre-Osteopathic SI 2032 303-556-8485

Kolts, Jason, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Zoology,  Secondary Ed  Certificate SI 2038 303-556-4569

Liu, Hsiu-Ping, Ph.D.

 Genetics, Invertebrate, Evolution, Secondary Education Licensure SI 2039 303-352-7013
Lux III, Fordyce, Ph.D.  Genetics, Medical Lab  Science, Transfer  Evaluations SI 2042D 303-352-7125

Meloche, Christopher, Ph.D.  Botany, Horticulture,  Pre-Occupational  Therapy, Pre-  Podiatry, Secondary  Ed Certificate SI 2045 303-352-4143
Melvin, Vida, Ph.D.  Genetics SI 2062 303-352-4178

Petcoff, Doug, Ph.D.

 Genetics, Secondary  Ed Certificate SI 2031 303-556-3214

Rao, Anil, Ph.D.  Physician Assistant,  Pre-Optometry SI 2036 303-556-8486

Simpson, Jeff, DC, CCSP  Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-  Chiropractic, Pre-  Physical Therapy SI 2035 303-556-3239

Jeff Simpson's Personal Website

Ver Eecke, Helene, Ph.D.


SI 2060


Zajdowicz, Sheryl, Ph.D.  Microbiology, Medical Lab  Science SI 2040 303-352-7126

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