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Advising Subject Areas & Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Advising AreaOfficePhoneEmail

Baxendale, Bill, Ph.D.

 Botany, Horticulture,  Pre-Dental

SI 2047


Bissell, Erin, Ph.D.

 Botany, Genetics

SI 2066


Carello, Christy, Ph.D.

 Animal Behavior,  Ecology, Wildlife  Biology, Zoology SI 2046 303-556-3673

Church, Cindy, Ph.D.  Zoology SI 2037


Clippinger, Norm, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Zoology SI 2064 303-556-3192

Ferrell, Rebecca, Ph.D.

 Genetics,  Microbiology,  Microbial Ecology,  Midwifery, Nursing SI 2033 303-556-4764

Gagliardi-Seeley, Jennifer, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Wildlife  Biology SI 2041 303-352-7015

Hancock, Robert, Ph.D.  Entomology, Animal  Behavior, Zoology SI 2044

Hays, Clare, D.V.M.  Pre-Veterinary, Pre-  Dental, Pre-Medical,  Pre-Osteopathic SI 2032 303-556-8485

Clare Hays' Personal Website

Kolts, Jason, Ph.D.

 Ecology, Zoology,  Secondary Ed  Certificate SI 2038 303-556-4569

Liu, Hsiu-Ping, Ph.D.

 Genetics, Invertebrate, Evolution, Secondary Education Licensure SI 2039 303-352-7013
Lux III, Fordyce, Ph.D.  Genetics, Medical Lab  Science, Transfer  Evaluations SI 2042D 303-352-7125

Meloche, Christopher, Ph.D.  Botany, Horticulture,  Pre-Occupational  Therapy, Pre-  Podiatry, Secondary  Ed Certificate SI 2045 303-352-4143
Melvin, Vida, Ph.D.  Genetics SI 2062 303-352-4178

Petcoff, Doug, Ph.D.

 Genetics, Secondary  Ed Certificate SI 2031 303-556-3214

Rao, Anil, Ph.D.  Physician Assistant,  Pre-Optometry SI 2036 303-556-8486

Anil Rao's Personal Website

Simpson, Jeff, DC, CCSP  Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-  Chiropractic, Pre-  Physical Therapy SI 2035 303-556-3239

Jeff Simpson's Personal Website

Ver Eecke, Helene, Ph.D.


SI 2060


Zajdowicz, Sheryl, Ph.D.  Microbiology, Pre-  Nursing, Medical Lab  Science SI 2040 303-352-7126


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