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Cynthia Church, Ph. D.

Cindy Church with a Galapagos tortoiseEmail:
Telephone: (303) 556-8467
Department Telephone: (303) 556-3213
Fax: (303) 556-6426
Office Location: Science 2037

Office Hours: M, W 10:00-11:00 & 3:30-5:00


Mailing Address:

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Department of Biology
Campus Box 53
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO. 80217-3362

To give you some idea about who I am, I teach on a full-time basis in the MSCD Department of Biology. My courses include invertebrate zoology, parasitology, genetics and general biology online. I teach a study abroad course in the Galápagos Islands titled "In Darwin's Footsteps". Please check back for details about upcoming trips. Prior to coming to Metro, I was a visiting assistant professor at Oberlin College in Ohio. In my dissertation work, which I completed in 1996 at CU-Boulder, I examined the role of a nuclear gene, PET100, in the cytochrome c oxidase assembly pathway in yeast. The study combined molecular genetics including cloning and characterization of PET100 (see JBC 1996 and JBC 2005), with cell biology using confocal fluorescence and electron microscopy (see J. Exp. Bio 1998). Prior to beginning my doctoral research, I received a master's degree in parasitology. My thesis project was a taxonomic study of the cestodes of the round stingray from Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

Recent publication: Intestinal Infections in Humans in the Rocky Mountain Region

Advising | General Introduction to Biology Online | General Introduction to Biology II Lecture
Invertebrate Zoology | General Genetics | Parasitology | In Darwin's Footsteps

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