By partnering with the Tivoli Brewing Company, which runs a 30 bbl. brewery housed in the Tivoli Student Union on our campus, students are provided with access to multiple size and designs of brewing equipment, packaging, and distribution methods. Through this partnership, and others, students receive high-quality instruction and experiential learning opportunities unmatched by other programs nationally and internationally.

Also, we have now completed phase one of our $3.7M Beer Industry Labs. Our Quality Analysis & Quality Control (QA/QC) Labs as well as our Brewing Production Labs are now operational as of January 2018. In use with our existing Sensory Analysis Lab and our soon-to-be-completed Microbiological Fermentation Lab, Packaging Lab, and Draft Training Center, we offer students the ability to learn on the equipment and with the processes they will use in the beer industry. Plus, our QA/QC Lab (which is now open for commercial beverage producers) allows our students to test and understand commercial beers that are being sold around the world right now. These labs are truly state of the art and amongst the most advanced in the United States and are operated by TTB Certified Scientists.


The new Beer Industry Program Quality Analysis & Quality Control (QA/QC) Labs are the latest in quality analysis & control. Here, students are able to work on commercial brews as well as the beers they create in class. This lab is just one of six labs dedicated to the Beer Industry Program, covering everything from Production and Microbiology to Packaging and Draft Service.

Additionally, the Hospitality Learning Center, constructed in 2012, combines a highly rated hotel and learning center in a single complex and is the heart of the School of Hospitality. The amazing laboratory and classroom spaces include:

  • The natural light sensory analysis lab
  • Beer & wine cellar laboratory
  • The Metropolitan Grill student restaurant, where our beer and wine products are served to the public
  • Culinary demonstration theater
  • Culinary, tourism, and event laboratories.
  • LEED Gold Certified Hotel and Conference Center, which has become an international center for beverage education.


Beyond the School of Hospitality and its partners, cross campus collaboration with multiple departments has led to the design of a program that provides a broad, cross-curricular base of courses. The departments involved include the following:

  • Hospitality
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Marketing
  • Management

At MSU Denver, we also have the advantage of a premiere science building offering world-class facilities and equipment that assist in the analysis of brewing quality. Furthermore, our programs in water at the One World One Water (OWOW) Center provide outstanding coursework and research in water management, law and analysis.

All of this is done in partnership with the 400+ Colorado Breweries and several industry trade groups. While our graduates are working at numerous breweries and labs around the country, we also regularly work with many Colorado breweries to provide internships for our students. Lastly, we are currently members and partners with the Brewers Association, American Society of Brewing Chemists, Institute of Brewing & Distilling, Master Brewers Association of the Americas, Society of Sensory Professionals, and the Colorado Brewers Guild.