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The National Intercollegiate Flying Association SAFECON Competition

NIFA SAFECON is an annual competition with ten regional competitions held in the fall and a national competition held in the spring. As a competitor of Region One, MSU Denver Precision Flight Team actively promotes participation in the NIFA competition which include both flying and ground events.   

Flying Events:

  • Power Off Landing
  • Short Field Approach and Landing
  • Navigation
  • Message Drop
  • IFR Precision Flight (Nationals only)
  • Crew Resource Management (Nationals only)


Ground Events:

  • Ground Trainer (Simulator Flying)
  • Aircraft Preflight Inspection
  • Aircraft Recognition (ACID)
  • Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN)
  • Manual Flight Computer (MFC)
  • IFR Simulated Flight (Nationals only)
  • Loening Trophy (Nationals only)
  • Women’s Achievement Award (Nationals only)
  • Men’s Achievement Award (Nationals only)
  • CFI Event (Nationals only)

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