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Aeronautics and Aerospace Systems Laboratories

Aeronautics and Aerospace Systems Laboratories (AAS)

The AAS Labs are comprised of multiple labs that contain state-of-the-art, FAA-approved flight training devices (FTDs), aerospace computer-based training systems, air traffic controller (ATC) training stations and advanced flight deck and avionics equipment.

Our students do not pay additional tuition or hourly fees to use MSU Denver AAS Labs. All that is required to receive instruction within the AAS Labs is to be officially enrolled at MSU Denver and properly registered in an appropriate AVS flight or aerospace simulation class.


Aeronautics Systems Laboratories

Robert K. Mock World Indoor Airport

The Robert K. Mock World Indoor Airport (WIA) at MSU Denver is one of the finest collegiate aviation  flight simulation training laboratories in the world.

The WIA includes a variety of single and multiengine FTDs. We also serve as a ground training program for the B-1900 aircraft – we use two B-1900 FTDs as part of that curriculum. Recent additions to our FTDs includes Avidyne Entegra and Garmin 1000 flight deck equipment, a full flight CRJ 700 procedures trainer, and a Cessna Citation C510 Mustang business jet simulator with a full 220 degree visual display system.

Students entering the WIA are assigned various flight training devices (simulators) and plan their flights with weather and aircraft performance data. Jeppesen-Boeing Corporation supports part of our preflight briefing station services.

Students are tutored in advanced concepts associated with “glass flight deck” and Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) training devices.

A full-featured digital avionics lab is also included in the WIA. In this lab, students learn the principles of operation and problem solving using digital avionics equipment that have similar operational fidelity as experienced in the flight environment.

We also offer an ATC flight training center as part of our FAA-approved AT-CTI degree program. A complete Terminal Radar training system, based on a world-wide renown platform, serves 18 students at a time training on controller tasks and responsibilities.


Aerospace Systems Laboratories

Advanced Aviation and Aerospace Flight Simulation Training Lab (AAAFT)

Is your passion in aerospace science? Space flight? Space exploration? Space physics?

In our Advanced Aviation and Aerospace Flight Simulation Training Lab (AAAFT), students work on analyzing and applying flight standards, LOFT training, and crew resource management using a fully functioning Canadair Regional Jet computer-based training system.

Our AAAFT lab houses the industry’s most advanced software for simulating space mission analysis and orbital dynamics. We feature over $3.5 million in space simulation software, supported by a donation from the AGI Corporation. AGI has installed in our AAAFT lab their Systems Toolkit (STK) software platform used by the U.S. government and many space-related organizations and companies.

Balloon Satellite Development Lab (BSAT) and Satellite Engineering Lab (York)

Students enrolled in the proper aerospace science courses are given training in designing and building small craft satellites launched by weather balloons each semester. Qualified students also may intern in the Satellite Engineering Lab, co-sponsored by York Space Systems, working on small satellite designs for launch on rockets.


Department Tours and AAS Labs Information

For a tour of our department, our state-of-the-art learning laboratories, or informational materials, please contact the AVS Front Office Program Coordinator, or the AAS Laboratories Director through the main office at 303-615-5287.

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