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Program Benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with seeking your aviation or aerospace science degree at MSU Denver, including:

  • A department with over 40 years of demonstrated passion for aviation and aerospace.
  • Highly affordable and career-relevant degree programs. We offer fully-accredited bachelor of science degrees and a range of aviation and aerospace certification programs.
  • Committed faculty that bring valuable professional expertise to the classroom to prepare you for the evolving demands of the aviation and aerospace science industries.
  • State-of-the-science flight and aerospace simulation laboratories to hone your skills.
  • A central location near many high-quality flight-training centers. With three major airports located just 30 minutes from campus, you can take advantage of Colorado’s great climate and opportunities for mountain flying.
  • Many major U.S. aerospace companies are headquartered along Colorado’s front range. Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs are large business districts for the aerospace industry.
  • Strong internship programs to give you real-world experience prior to graduation.
  • Financial aid opportunities to help cover your tuition and flight expenses.



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