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MSU Denver's precision flight team pushing an aircraft on the tarmac.


The National Intercollegiate Flying Association SAFECON Competition

NIFA SAFECON is an annual competition with ten regional competitions held in the fall and a national competition held in the spring. As a competitor of Region One, MSU Denver Precision Flight Team actively promotes participation in the NIFA competition which include both flying and ground events.   

Flying Events:

  • Power Off Landing
  • Short Field Approach and Landing
  • Navigation
  • Message Drop
  • IFR Precision Flight (Nationals only)
  • Crew Resource Management (Nationals only)


Ground Events:

  • Ground Trainer (Simulator Flying)
  • Aircraft Preflight Inspection
  • Aircraft Recognition (ACID)
  • Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN)
  • Manual Flight Computer (MFC)
  • IFR Simulated Flight (Nationals only)
  • Loening Trophy (Nationals only)
  • Women’s Achievement Award (Nationals only)
  • Men’s Achievement Award (Nationals only)
  • CFI Event (Nationals only)

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